1. FS: BTY Viscaria FL, 93 and 90 grams

    Hello,I would like to sell 2 rare rockets: 2 Viscaria FL in very rare weights of 93 and 90 grams. Those are very hard to find nowadays. Both blades are from the T-Series. I only have the box for the lighter one but I will ship the blades well packaged. BTY Viscaria FL 93 grams, very good...
  2. BTY Timo Boll Control composition?

    I want to know the BTY Timo Boll Control composition? TIA
  3. Modern replacement for BTY Oh Sang Eun blade

    Hi all, Sorry for starting an equipment based thread in the never ending sea of them. I recently lost my absolute favorite blade to de-lamination. Maybe the hand sanitizer dried it out, I don't know. It's an old BTY Oh Sang Eun, so no way I can replace, and honestly, after it de-laminating...I...
  4. Xiom Vega Japan vs Bty Tenergy 05

    Which are the most important differences between the Xiom Vega Japan and the Butterfly Tenergy 05?
  5. Dignics 09c review

    I only tried it on FH. 1. Is heavy but not as heavy as 05h. Initial impression: (unboosted) 1. The rubber is alright, the short game feels like h3 but in top spin to top spin rally it lacks both spin and speed. The throw is high and the kick is not strong. It's unimpressive to say. T05h...
  6. What is the BTY equiv of my HL5? (Expert help needed)

    I know there's many different kind of HL5 and they might change their dimension or even composition between years so here's my HL5 serial: HL5-AGAAXGF 027 So here's my questions: 1. What are the wood/carbon composition of my HL5? 2. What is the BTY equiv? 3. BTY offense blade have 2 blade...
  7. FS BTY Viscaria + MX-S/Sriver

    FS BTY Viscaria Hi. Time to sell off one racket. BTY Viscaria FL weight 88g (really good condition) I have also sealed it. Just typed the weight in the bottom of the handle Price: $130USD, free shipping Payment with paypal Kind regards Lukas
  8. LF BTY Liu Shiwen

    Dear Friends, I'm looking for blade Butterfly Liu Shiwen, straight handle and lightweight, Thanks
  9. Fs: Bty gergely 21

    Fs: Bty gergely 21 price = 250 us$ shipped with tracking number
  10. BTY Alc blade alternative

    I'm looking for an alternative to Viscaria/TB Alc. My price range is around 100$ or cheaper and also, is Victas firefall AC a good alternative?
  11. LF BTY Innerforce laver ZLF

    Dear Friends, I'm looking for a blade Butterfly Innerforce Laver ZLF Straight handle and lightweight Thanks :) lightweightlightweight
  12. Please compare BTY Grubba and BTY Primorac blades for me!

    Hi guys, I'd like some information on how these two classic wood blades compare. Please can someone do a comparison of the two blades in all aspects? Which one in particular would be harder/stiffer? Is there much difference in speed? Thanks!
  13. BTY Primorac Japan vs. Euro version + suitable rubbers

    Hi guys, i'm currently playing BTY Grubba All+ with Donic Baracuda. I really like that setup, i also tried way faster one but always returned back to mentioned one. As i progress i would like to change my setup a bit. i thought about the Primorac. 1st Q: as the Japan version is build in Japan...
  14. WTTC 2018 - Halmstad - What about the BTY A40+ ball?

    Hi all, I was just curious about the new BTY A0+ ball used in WTTC in Halmstad. I saw many changes of balls (I suppose mostly broken balls), but no one and no thread (not only TTD...) is pointing out comments about. It would be great to have some indications, especially from the players...
  15. Is there a necessity to switch from BTY Primorac or just EJing?

    Hi there, in the last few months I made great progress and even reached a German rating of over 1500, which is a personal best for me. This was quickly followed by a dip, which I even expected, because I personally would not estimate myself with that rating with my current skill set...
  16. FS: BTY Maze ST in perfect condition

    FS: BTY Maze ST in perfect condition SOLD Hi, BLADE IS NOW SOLD My teammate is selling a Maze ST. The blade is like new, used twice. The Butterfly Maze has an external layer of Limba, with ALC underneath. This a great blade, and this one, at 90g is very well balanced and suitable for the...
  17. What blade is this?

    Hi,a pro player from Czech Republic gave me a blade with following serial number: VA2985 She said its XIOM but she didn't mention model name. The problem is that it has a handle from BTY Korbel (or at least I think I heard her say that). I tried contacting xiom, but they didn't respond. Does...
  18. Dhs Hurricane Long 5 vs Bty Viscaria

    Hello everyone I am a professional table tennis player from India and I am really confused between dhs Hurricane Long 5 and Bty Viscaria . My game is open and attack with topspin. I play only with poly balls 40+. I want to know which is better for an offensive player who likes an attacking game...
  19. FT - Untouched Butterfly Viscaria FL 87-88 grams.

    Hello! I´ve got a untouched viscaria FL that I would love to trade away. I thought I broke mine but as it turned out it wasn´t broken but that was to late as another one already were on it´s way.So now it just lays here and collects dust ;). Weight: 87-88 grams. Here are some pictures: I...
  20. FS: BTY TBS BTY Viscaria & other blades

    Dear all Before I put this lot on ebay . I though I would give you guys a try ! New Year , New Start time to down size my blade collection Butterfly TBS, Black Tag, AN Handle slight damage to the side however it doesn’t affect play (This blade has served me well of over 10yrs! Had some...