1. Multi-Ball Training with Chinese Coach

    Training & Training, then Rest and Training!
  2. Chinese rubbers - what's the lowest/softest degree?

    I have used 37 degrees Hurricane in the past and really enjoyed the control/dwell on it. Are there any Chinese rubbers with 35 or 36 degrees?
  3. Chinese super league schedule

    Hi, I have the CCTV 5 channel on my phone but what is the schedule for the chinese table tennis league, so i can watch it on my phone at the right time?
  4. vs Chinese Cutie Coach (CHN Penholder) Cutie Face, But Merciless Table Tennis from HER! Please enjoy this match video!
  5. Why is Chinese TT strong? Chinese Table Tennis is really really strong? Many TT lover would agree that. Let's check it from their youth system and status.
  6. Collectors blade ( S Rosewood NCT V) with Chinese national team players autograph

    FS: Collectors blade(S Rosewood NCT V)with Chinese national team players autograph I'm now selling my Stiga sports arena blade that I luckily had the chance to get some Chinese national team players autograph on. The backstory is one week before the world team competition in Halmstad, the...
  7. Like a Chinese TT Player's BH Topspin against Backspin This Video is filmed about 3 years ago. It was my first time to learn it. It might be helpful to beginners for B/Hand Topspin against Backspin. Please enjoy it.
  8. Body-Turn to improve Topspin by Chinese Coach's lesson Two Chinese Women coaches visit to S.Korea. and I'd asked to them teach my TT friends in Korea. This is the video for this. Please enjoy it.
  9. Chinese rubbers in the modern TT era

    I caught the highlights of the FZD/XX marvelous 12 match. It was very intresting to see XX engage in close to table BH-BH rallies with FZD, and fight his instincts to step back and take full swings. At one point, he even flipped his paddle and started using is BH red rubber on his FH. I don't...
  10. Butterfly viscaria and chinese players.

    Hi, I just noticed that many chinese players like fan zhendong, fang bo, liang jingkun, wang chuqin, zhang jike use butterfly viscaria these days. Why is that? Is viscaria really very good with chinese rubbers? What are the reasons for its popularity in the chinese team. Moreover, what would be...
  11. Chinese allround blade and rubbers for basic strokes

    Hi there, I think it would be nice to recommend a decent allround blade and rubbers for people not wanting to spend a fortune on a racket. This is mostly for people having some basic technique on forehand and backhand, typically playing for on/off for some years but very often do not know how...
  12. Experimenting with Chinese hard blades with soft rubbers

    Hi folks, I'm experimenting with different setups and would be more than happy knowing your suggestions. I own some blades with different rubbers and now I want to try with a harder/speedier Chinese blade with soft rubbers. My main setup is a Stiga Infinity with Yasaka Rakza 7 2.0 on fh and...
  13. Chinese Wrist Method for better F/H Topspin

    This is a method from Chinese Coach. To make it better for F/H topspin. Please see and share your opinion here. Thanks
  14. Price of Chinese TT Lesson in China

    Price of Chinese TT Lesson in China Many people asked me that. How much is it? How about the lesson time in China? and so on. This is the reply for these questions. Please see the attached one.
  15. Chinese Footwork
  16. Chinese Body-Turn for Forehand Topspin
  17. The Secret of Chinese Topspin
  18. Story of TT - How the chinese found the tacky hard rubber and what they used before?

    Hi all, I would like to know when first tacky hard rubbers appeared, and what the chinese players used before that, did they use non tacky rubbers? Or in that time the chinese were most of them SP hitters? Best Regards, Eduardo
  19. Fang Bo destroys towel box in Chinese Super League Match

    Former World Number 8, Fang Bo, has apologised for his actions in his loss to Zhao Zhaoyan whilst competing for his club Tianjin Quanjian in the Chinese Super League on New Year’s Eve. After a dispute with the umpire over a let service, Fang violently kicked the towel box situated next to...
  20. Top10 sticky chinese rubbers