1. Zhang Jike or Xu Xin will Play Singles - Rio Olympics 2016!

    Just read news, CCTV reported: Liu Guoliang said that Zhangjike more likely will play the men's single with Ma Long at the olympics, XuXin will play the team match and Fan Zhendong will join them as cheerleader this time. Here is the link below:
  2. Chinese National Team Eating KFC at Airport!

    The next time your feeling peckish and trying to avoid a fast food restaurant, just remember the formidable Chinese National Team including Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong ate KFC earlier this year at the Lisbon Airport in Portugal. Maybe it's not so unhealthy after all ;)
  3. !For Sale! DHS blue sponge Hurricane 3 from Chinese National Team

    ALL SOLD!!! (FS) DHS blue sponge Hurricane 3 from Chinese National Team ALL SOLD!!! I don't think it needs more description. DHS blue sponge Hurricane 3 from Chinese National Team, thinknss of 2.15, hardness of 40, VOC free version. Only 2 pieces for sale, GBP55 each. Tel & whatsapp 07482019508
  4. Chinese Male Olympics Team 2016

    Hello Table Tennis Community, I have created this thread to get people's opinions on who they would like to see represent China along side Ma Long. Personally I would like to see Zhang Jike given the chance to retain his title, it would be great to see him on the Olympic stage once again -...
  5. Chinese players change the rubber when are smashing why?

    Why Chinese players change from forehand to backhand rubber when thei are Smashing?
  6. chinese rubbers you like at the most

    I know only hurricane neo 3 (version 25$) and friendship rubbers. which chinese rubbers do you try (and like !) I would rather like to try no tacky
  7. How does different types of chinese rubber play?

    Hi guys I've only ever tried DHS NEO hurricane 3. My friend recently asked me how does different chinese rubber play when boosted and I really dont know. Any chinese rubber experts? He is going to use the new chinese rubber on Clipper CR WRB, BOOST the rubber and we are playing with poly ball...
  8. Modern Chinese rubbers

    Hello, this is my first New Thread in this forum. I am experimenting with Chinese rubbers without tuning and wanted to create an overview. Yasaka Rising Dragon - like a nontensor rubber wih a tacky topheet, speed at Coppa/Sriver level, more spin Xiom Tau - really heavy, really hard sponge...
  9. Chinese national team players and their rubbers.

    Hello all, this is just a little something I have been thinking a while and just wondered what you all think. Is it fair that all Euro rubbers are numbered by the ITTF and anyone including the China team can buy them, use them, study them etc. I know the national players get the best of the...
  10. Chinese team bag?

    Anyone can tell me how to buy a lining bag? i can't find it on the lining store
  11. Happy Chinese New Year 2016

    TableTennisDaily wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. Many Chinese table tennis stars including Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Ding Ning have took to their social media accounts to celebrate with fans. Photos via Ma Long, Zhang Jike and Ding Ning on Facebook.
  12. Yasaka Rising Dragon vs Chinese tacky rubbers

    Hi guys, I've been looking at trying to find a rubber that is really good for spinny serves and spinny pushes. But also works really well in lifting underspin and 3rd ball attack. I know that the chinese tacky rubbers are great for spinny serves and in the short game for loading up on spin. Do...
  13. Chinese rubber as a backhand rubber

    Good day everyone! I recently changed my Nittaku Alhelg 1.8mm to a Globe 999 1.8mm a chinese rubber Push, chop, Block, Punch are going great but i am having a hard time with Attacking an opponents FH/BH Topspin which always go out when i attack back with my BH and also to BH Loop vs Backspin...
  14. Discussion on the last great win over the Chinese : Werner Schlager's 2003 WTTC title

    I have to admit that I was inspired by Matt's blog about the 6 recent greatest win over the chinese. http:// What I personally consider the greatest among them is Schalger's world championship title , my personal...
  15. Chinese Trials For WTTTC 2016

    The Chinese National Team Trials have commenced for the 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships! First round of results are now in. The process is different this year. A player wins by the first player to win 5 sets! Top players are all trying to qualify including: Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan...
  16. Who are the Chinese national team player?

    Who are the Chinese national team players? I want to know everyone that's in the Chinese national team. First team and second team. Everyone knows the obvious players like Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong etc but who are the other players in the team. I wanted to see the level of the...
  17. Is Chinese Rubber like Hurricane 3 good with fast blade like Sardius etc?

    Hi, Is a Chinese Rubber like Hurricane 3 good when used with a Sardius or even a Gergely blade? Lots of thanks.
  18. Holy crap what chinese rubber is available in 1.7 / 1.8 similar to Tenergy 64

    Wow, did you know that nobody advertises their rubber in the thickness availabe? Not even TableTennisDB keeps track of this info. I was looking around and pretty much all chinese rubbers come only in 1 thickness which is 2.2mm. It seems only euro/jap rubber comes in different thicknesses and...
  19. Interesting new experience regarding my playing style!

    Allright.. Here's the story, and I'll try tell it as good as I can tho' it might be hard to understand hehe :p I've been playing for a long time now, and have always played as an attacking minded player, loop here and loop there.. Always played the Tenergy and other Euro/jap rubbers, always had...
  20. STIGA's Upcoming blade tests with the Chinese National Team

    wow wow, what is this 'upcoming blade' from STIGA?