1. Your Typical Amateur Korean TT Club Long Pimples Auntie

    Here is a vid from a club comp womens club Div 3 vs Div 3. Most players are Div 4 or 5 in the average TT club in Korea. This vid shows the basic simple tactics of OX LP for women at the club. When I was in Korea, 3/4 of the women over 40 used OX LP on BH and played just like this auntie does.
  2. New TT Club open July in Daytona Beach, FL , TT robot recommendations

    In Florida, TT players are fortunate that a new pickleball complex nearing completion is also including TT. I have been asked and agreed to be the Club Rep for TT for the complex. Yesterday I toured the facility to determine the time to order tables and supplies. The complex is scheduled to be...
  3. Kim Jung Hoon visits new club - plays handi matches with all 24 club members

    Like the title said, KJH visits a new Joola club in Jan 2020. (Hey, he's sponsored by Joola, he is supposed to do that!) He plays a single handicap game with everyone in the club ho is wearing a uniform... like ALL of them. Against a Div 1 2000+ player, he gives 5 handicap points, often 7 or...
  4. Jeung Young Sik's dad practicing at the club...

    A FB post/vid from JYS dad practicing at the club (looks like no one is there but him...) <iframe src="" width="560" height="315"...
  5. New Pickleball club to include TT. Suggestions wanted on Grand Opening.

    New Pickleball club to include TT - Suggestions wanted on Grand Opening With the huge surge in pickleball in the US, a new club is opening in Florida and they want to include table tennis. I've meet the key reps and viewed the facility and agreed to help them organize their TT operation, assist...
  6. Is your club closed because of corona?

    I wanted to start this thread to check how the situation is with you guys. Because right now everything is changing from day to day. 5 Days ago, here in Belgium, everything was still normal and I played a league match on Wednesday. Then the next day Government declared Anti Corona measures and...
  7. Good quality nets for club training

    Hi there, our club based in Spain is about to get some new nets for our training sessions. We buy our equipment online so there's no possibility to check any item first. We don't mind if it's clip or clamp fixing but it has to be good quality. As these will be mainly for training sessions we...
  8. What kind of software your club/association uses?

    Hi I am running a small local table tennis club (about 10 people, all ages) and I wanted to put our schedule online and also keep track who are coming to play and who are not and also help me with messaging (email and sms) in case there are some changes to training schedules. There was some...
  9. table tennis club is asking for support

    Got a message on instagram asking for support: So if you can help, please contact them :)
  10. Got kicked out of the club after a big fight...

    ... so sez the title to a hilarious vid depicting some negative characters found in TT clubs.
  11. Table tennis training in Japan for 12 year old girl

    Hi Any recommendations for good club (school or professional) for a 12 year old girl to train for 6-8 months. She's been training for past 4 years and about 2300 level in USA. Any pointers appreciated. Thanks C
  12. Shanghai Foreinners TT Club

    Hello, I'm Nicholas from S.Korea. I have a plan to go to Shanghai, China on next month, Is anyone a member of Shanghai Foreinners TT Club here? If yes, Could you share the place and schedule for that TT club kindly? I'd like to visit there and enjoy TT in Shanghai. Thanks.
  13. Table tennis club in Milano

    Hello there, I might study in Milano next year and am looking for a good table tennis club there. I‘m 19 years old and have a German TTR of about 1700. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  14. [LHTT #47_Etc] Overview for TT Club in Haiphong, Vietnam
  15. table tennis club in Hanoi

    Hi I will be in Hanoi in Jan 2019, would anybody like to play table tennis with me , or tell me where I can find someone to or some club to play with ? I will at Hanoi on the 14th to 18th , will stay near the old opera house, I am not a beginner, play quite well
  16. Club in Beijing

    Hi guys new ere, I'm off to Beijing for a few weeks. Is there any clubs I can attend? Any open clubs that have some open nights I can attend? Thanks, Simon
  17. Looking for a table tennis club in Seoul

    Hi, I am going to study at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul from the end of August 2018 to the beginning of January. I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend me a good table tennis club near the University. Thank you
  18. [LHTT #21_Etc] Taipei Mama TT Club
  19. Visiting London, Can you recommend Table Tennis Club

    Hello, I'm visit London from NYC and looking to play Table Tennis during my holiday. I'll be staying in Kensington. Can you recommend any clubs to play in the evening. I'm around 1700-1800 USATT player, Cheers!
  20. Kim Jung Hoon visits an Amateur Club Tourney and goofs off

    Good POV intro into a medium large Korean TT club by Kim Jung Hoon, he gives a little background, shows a club tourney in progress, and goofs off for the crowd.