dhs huricane 3

  1. How do you re-boost? (Boosting 2nd time)

    So it's been a month after i boosted my Hurricane 3 (Provincial Blue sponge) with 3 layers of Haifu booster. I am planning to reboost it one last time. Can i still re-boost it? if yes, how? Thank you!
  2. Cleaning my dhs h3 neo

    Hi just one question about h3 national I have 3 trainings daily should I clean it just at the end of the day or after every training? Thanks.
  3. SANWEI Target National vs DHS Hurricane III Provincial

    Hey there! The plan is to do my own direct comparison between Target National (new) and Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 40' (blue sponge) in 2.15 mm. I need to make up my own assessment of these and how they compare - because there is conflicting information floating out there. I will post more...
  4. Hurricane 3 MEGA THREAD

    Theres so many variants and so much to know about the acclaimed Hurricane 3 rubbers. I got 40deg H3 provincial (orange sponge) as my FH on my first (current) bat. And i really like it. Im looking to upgrade bats in the near future and would like to keep h3 on my forehand, although i would like...
  5. Blade & Rubbers combinations

    Hello, I just bought 2 blades and Rubbers. I like them both through forums reviews. But still I want to test them before keeping one. And I want your opinion. I am thinking of putting 2 Tenergy 80 on a Xiom Offensive S. And Hurricane 3 (FH) and Tenergy 05 (BH) on a DHS Power G7. What do...