1. Differences between Stiga DNA Pro and Victas v15 extra

    Hi there! I'm just wondering if anyone can do a comparison between The stiga DNA pro and victas v15 extra. I'm playing with the dna pro M but thinking of the v15 extra.
  2. Need a new BH rubber: O7P vs DNA Pro M?

    I need your opinion comparing those 2 rubbers for backhand on a viscaria. If possible please compare springiness, grip, durability, and other characteristics :) Thank you.
  3. SOLD: No Longer For Sale

    Hi all, Just received my order from tabletennis11 - Stiga Celero Wood + Stiga DNA Future M rubbers (2.1 mm) on both sides, Legend flared handle. Tried it for 1 game, and it's way too fast and stiff for me :( I paid 113 EUR, would sell for 90 EUR. And the shipping is on me, tracked registered...
  4. What Are Your Thoughts On The Stiga DNA Series?

    I am wondering if I should switch to the Stiga DNA Hard on my FH. Right now I have Mantra H on FH and Mantra M on my BH. I am an OFF- to OFF player who relies on mainly spin, and speed to out play my opponents. Any thoughts? Also, are there any spin oriented, but fast enough rubbers that I...
  5. Stiga DNA pro Medium/soft Reviews ?

    Hello Low intermediate level player here. Was wondering if anyone has any reviews for the dna series for the Medium and soft variants (ttd only did the hard). Recently damaged my bh rubber so looking for a new one. Main concern is its looping ability + BH flicks against backspin. Was also...
  6. DNA Pro Shipment date to US?

    I am really interested in purchasing the new DNA pro medium sponge but from what I can tell it is only sold in Europe at the moment. Does anybody have any idea when they will start shipping it to the US/North America?
  7. STIGA DNA Pro Hard Review | With Truls Moregard

    What's up guys we're back with a new review! In this video we're joined with European hope Truls Moregard to review the new hot off the shelf STIGA DNA Pro Hard rubber! Have you tried the DNA yet? See you in the comments!
  8. Stiga DNA Pro Rubbers Review

    Stiga DNA Pro Rubbers Review This is it! After a long time of waiting for these rubbers to be released, Stiga has finally shifted to ESN rubbers for their newest rubbers. I asked them why the change of factory for their newest rubbers and they said, they have seen the importance of...
  9. STIGA DNA Pro

    I haven't posted for a while but come across this elsewhere on a French site. Couldn't find anything on here, what is this a new Mantra?