1. Yoo Nam Gyu and Seo Hyo Won doubles Exhibition Match vs Busan TTers

    Hi All, Some top level goofing off with Yoo Nam Gyu being the joker here. Yoo Nam Gyu asks for, and is granted a YELLOW CARD on himself for goofing off. Enjoy.
  2. New doubles partner anyone?

    Anyone need a new doubles partner? :D Click full screen to see the full video: <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden"...
  3. ITTF event's schedule 2020-2021 reduced to the singles, without the doubles/ Mr.Weikert's expectations sound unduly optimistic.
  4. Doubles Serve Tactics

    Hello good people, Need some tactics for doubles game. My players are right handed & most of the opponents too. Short/Long serve placement advice needed. Any other advice for doubles are also welcome. Here most of the players are not good at flicking. Thanks in advance.
  5. Xu Xin - The Greatest Doubles Player Ever

    I know people love debating who's the best, Ma Long vs. Waldner, etc, but is there any debate as to if Xu Xin is the greatest doubles AND mixed doubles player of all time. No matter who the teammate is, he seems to win. I'm not sure it's just his game of offense, defense, long arms, power...
  6. safety when playing doubles

    I think the obviousness of what I am asking may shock some people, but I am hoping for some back-up for an opinion that I already strongly hold, which I would then be able to show to others. I play at a social level in two clubs in New Zealand, where we mostly play doubles. Everyone understands...
  7. Number of games in doubles play?

    Some tournaments, such as Qatar open i notice that in doubles it is best of 5 (first team to 3 games) but in the world championships i noticed it is best of 7 (first to 4 games). How does it work? is it only world champs that have bo7 for doubles whereas it's bo5 normally?
  8. [LHTT #46_Match in Vietnam] Doubles Match Against Haiphong Bros
  9. Table Tennis rules in doubles

    Playing doubles is fun. But the fun is gone when someone insists it is your fault thus cost you a point in a friendly match. 1) Can you serve the ball and hit the middle white line? 2) Can you talk to your partner during the play? 3) Can you talk to your partner just before the play? Thanks,,
  10. Doubles underappreciated?

    Do you feel like doubles competitions are underappreciated in our sport? Most of the attention is drawn to singles and team competition where in most formats there is no doubles match. Also, in US many amateur tourneys don't have a doubles event. I understand that a part of this reason is that...
  11. Is there a WTTC Singles/Doubles this year (2018)?

    I can't see a WTTC on this calendar. Will it be added or it won't be played?
  12. ITTF confirmed mixed doubles rules at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

    Thomas Weikert said in Shanghai on the opening day of ITTF Museum, for mixed doubles at 2020 Tokyo, each association (up to 3 men and 3 women) can attend 5 events. Previously, it was proposed that each association has to choose 4 out of 5 events. Only 1 mixed doubles pair from each association...
  13. Doubles - You are Weaker Player - How do You Play?

    Larry Hodges put up an interesting post on his blog about doubles, where YOU are the weaker player of the team. Add some discussion and thoughts.
  14. Question about doubles pairing in WTTC?

    so i haven't followed many doubles events so im a bit unsure... In these doubles events i noticed ma long paired with timo boll and Fang Bo is paired with Solja petrissa from germany? What is the reason behind why there is some cross nations pairing going on? Don't get me wrong i find this...
  15. Ovtcharov and Boll doubles at WTTC?

    Dimitrij did an interview with the german platform and he says that he plans to play doubles too while mentioning that playing with Timo Boll would be an option. What do you think about that? Those two have been dominating europe for quite some time but Boll was always teaming...
  16. Training match of current World Champion in Doubles (in Senior Class over 75 years)

    hey @all! :) I was long time not active here, but i think this video could be interesting for some of you. It is a video summary of my training matches against Siegfried "Egon" Lemke last week. He is a 77 year old TT-player with many many many successes in his TT-lifetime. He is the current...
  17. Signals for partner in doubles

    I watched many doubles games. In most of the games, I saw when a player ready to receive opponent's serve, the other player give him a signal. What type of signal these are ? Make short or long receive ? TIA
  18. Two lefty combination in a Doubles match

    Hi Community members, Can you please share your experiences and tips on how two left-handed players can become an effective winning combination in doubles. I have chance to partner with a very good player in doubles, but the issue is that we both are left-handed. During our match play, we were...
  19. Challenge Cheetah - The fastest way to grow Table Tennis!

    Introducing CHALLENGE CHEETAH! We are here to help you grow Table Tennis! This website and mobile apps are for sport clubs and individual players of ANY sport. This league / challenge ladder / team management application allows a new user at your club to find...
  20. Russian Open 2014 - ITTF World Tour

    GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour, Airports of Regions Russian Open (Major) 05 Nov 2014 - 09 Nov 2014, Ekaterinburg, Russia The Gac Group 2014 ITTF World Tour, Russian Open begins on the 5th November and concludes on the 9th November. This major World Tour event is held in city of Ekaterinburg...