1. Need help chosing equipment

    Hi i'm a young tt player been playing for around 4 years now. I'm a lefty with a good attacking style and my forehand is my strength, i'm looking to make a new bat and need some reccomendations for rubbers and blades, i'm looking for a variety of prices. Something that suits me. Comment down...
  2. About all equipment issues..

    Hi guys TT_Rogue here, lately im reading quite a lot threads with topics like: Hey my forehand is not working.. í defently need a new racket. Thats why i want to give here some generall advice regarding equipment change and equipment choice. This is my highly personal opinion about this matter...
  3. how to know if equipment is worn out

    Hi All, I have been given some fantastic advice so far (thanks all ::)) and have read some very useful posts. One thing still evades me right now though (maybe my search was bad ?). When is a rubber ready to be "Revitalised" or when is it ready for the bin (or maybe a coaster :p ). I don't...
  4. Reputable equipment suppliers that we've used as buyers

    Hi all I thought it would be a good idea to put up a list of reputable equipment suppliers that we have used. There is so much Internet fraud out there, im always reluctant to use a new company without any back-up information re credibility. I'll start: UK - Bribar
  5. TableTennisDaily Podcast #7 - Marcos Freitas

    Hello again everyone and welcome to episode 7 of the TableTennisDaily podcast. In this episode we are joined alongside current world number 7 Marcos Freitas. Marcos currently plays for Pontoise Cergy in the French pro A division with former podcast guest Kristian Karlsson as well as Tristan...
  6. Ma Lin equipment

    Hello, I know that Ma Lin played with Bryce Speed FX for his backhand but he changed rubber for World championships in Paris in 2013. I got photos and i see that he has a butterfly tenergy but I can't see if it's a tenergy 05, 05 FX, 64, or 64 FX. Can you help me ? I would like reliable...
  7. Grand finals equipment

    I watched the womens final and it looks like both Ding Ning and Chen Meng plays with Stiga Ebenholz. Also, it looked like Jeon Jihee uses Nittaku Acoustic, and Vladimir Samsonov seems to be using Tibhar CCA unlimited. Is this correct?
  8. Strange equipment change issues.

    So I change my equipment a LOT. My stroke doesn't change much between the change in different blades or rubbers. Adjusting to new equipment takes about 1 hour MAX for me. Anyway, i have a friend who used 1.8 thickness bluefire jp03 on both sides of his blade. He decided to test out tenergy for...
  9. JOOLA equipment for sale

    PM me if interested. US Sales only. I can get you the best prices before the holidays on all JOOLA, iPong equipment. Rhyzm-P, Rhyzm Tech, Maxxx-P - great for the poly ball and at a great price.
  10. TTD guidelines and rules when selling and buying equipment

    Please follow the guidelines here: 1) Tags: (Please use the appropriate topic tag to precede the item title, for uniformity) FS: FS/FT: FT: LF: **(Acronyms: FS-for sale, FT-for trade, LF-looking for) 2) TTD is not an auction site and therefore sellers must set a price for any FS items...
  11. Zhang Jike equipment 2015?

    What blade does Zhang Jike use? What backhand rubber does he use? What forehand rubber does he use?
  12. Ma Long equipment 2015

    Ma Long equipment 2015? What blade is Ma Long using? What backhand rubber is he using? What forehand rubber is he using?
  13. Equipment

    If anyone has a zlc or alc blade they were willing to sell please pm me also what are the differences between the two
  14. New Equipment Set Up

    I am planning to buy tenergy 05 for the fh and tenergy 80 fx on bh. Could someone please tell me the pros and cons of this. I have been playing for 10 months but have progressed quickly, I definitely believe I am ready for the jump. Thanks in advance, Adam!
  15. Is Teesport A Legitimate Place To Buy Table Tennis Equipment?

    Hi. I was just wondering if teesport ( is a legitimate / reliable source to buy Table Tennis Equipment such as rubbers & blades. Please let me know. Thanks.
  16. Equipment Advice (Under $100 U.S.)

    Equipment Advice (10 Months play) Hi, I am a 15 year old regional player (only 10 months of play) and am an aggressive looper from both wings, I generally try to kill points within 5 shots. At the moment I'm using a pre-built premade (if that makes sense). You can see my equipment anyway. The...