1. Summary from World Tours

    Hi All I have planned to make highlights videos of mens singles at the end of each World Tour Event for the year. So far I have done Hungary and Slovenia but I have posted them in the respective threads after the event and so not many people actually see them as it's post-event. So I thought I...
  2. 13-year old top seed for Senior event!!

    http://www.scotsman.com/sport/wheeler_is_on_track_for_capital_title_1_2070611 Some videos will be shot. There should be some really good games in the Premier singles event -with at least 6 with realistic chances of winning
  3. ETTC 2011 (Singles Event)

    The Official Singles thread for the European Table Tennis Championships 2011 The Singles Draw has been released - 11/10/2011 European Championships 'Singles' - INTERSPORT Main Sponsor - 12th - 16th October 2011, Gdansk-Sopot, Poland The best European table tennis teams meet in Poland for the...