1. Korean Amateur TT Clubs - Teams Championships Final Dec 2019

    I found a vid on a teams championship for amateur Korean TT Club Teams... not surprising is Park Ji-Soo lady 2x inverted player is in the middle of the TROUBLE. These are handicap matches... so if someone got a 3 pt handicap, it is likely they were a Div 3 player facing a Div 1 player.
  2. TTBL Final Four

    German Cup Final Four ASV Grünwettersbach vs Borussia Dusseldorf TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen vs TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt What are your guesses? ASV posted that Dang Qiu will play vs Timo Boll on singles, I don't know about other matches. I'm cheering a lot for ASV, and you? Matches start...
  3. DaeJeon Korean Amateur PRO Div Final Dec 2020

    Hi everyone, Continuing vids to show what amateur tourneys in Korea are like. This is the finals of the Pro Div. The typical player in this Div is pro trained school athlete or even an occasional ex-pro TTer. Median level is USATT 2500+ some are much higher. Both of these look under 2600 level...
  4. Korea - Div 5 City tourney Final

    Hi everyone, Here is footage of the finals of the 2013 Bucheon Div 5 finals of the city tourney. This is what the top players in Div 5 city look like, not the average ones. Top players in City Div 5 are around 1500 USATT with whatever style they use. The aveerage level is more like 1000-1200...
  5. European Youth Top 10 Final - Amazing Match!

    Guys! I just watched the European Youth Top 10 final Its an incredible match between Felix Lebrun vs Iulian Chirita!! Note: Felix is only 14 years old and using pen hold grip!
  6. The Final Showdown | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 14

    Yes guys! Here we go, this is it the SEASON FINALE of the TTD Team in British League. Can the guys secure league victory? Stay tuned until the end of episode where we have something SUPER exciting to announce! Join us on our quest to be the best we can be! We’re currently top of the table, in...
  7. THE FINAL! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 13

    Yes guys! Here we go, the Junior TableTennisDaily Team are in the FINAL of the Premier Division British League final. Can they claim the title? Premier Junior British League is the strongest junior event in the UK with all the best juniors in the country participating. Join us on our quest to...
  8. Final Polish Championship

    Final Mikst Final Doubles Final Singles SemiFinal (13 Years Player!)
  9. World Championships of ping-pong 2020 final?

    Does anybody know where I can see the video of the World Championships of ping-pong 2020 final? It’s usually on YouTube but I can’t find it this year. Thanks in anticipation :-)
  10. Korea Table Tennis Gym Elite League Weekly Final

    Below is a vid from Korea Table Tennis Gym Elite League. The top players are 2200-2400 depending on who shows up. Watch vid to the end and you will see why the lady C-Pen SP player belongs in the final.
  11. Czech extraleague play off final matches!

    Hello everyone! I have to share the great matches from the czech highest league play offs.. First I need to share with you great channel of Czech table tennis asociation, which made all the coverage of the play offs and everything in FULL HD and 60FPS!!!
  12. Gionis Panagiotis vs Shang Kun | Final Polish Superleague 2019

    Fantastic match from Polish Superleague Finals. Gionis Panagiotis vs Shang Kun. Watch in 1080p60. Enjoy :)
  13. Confusion in the last point | Final Austrian Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Does anyone know what happened here?
  14. Champions League 2019 FINAL

    Hi all, Today is the first Match of the Final Leg 1 between TTSC UMMC vs TTC Fakel Gazprom Orenburg Match 1: Fang Bo vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov Match 2: More Videos are coming.....
  15. This thread is for wttc 2019 mf and final videos without revealing the winner

    Is it ok if somebody could post the next mens matches (YT highlighted videos only) in this thread without any spoiler. Just pasting the YT ittf video links will do, hopefully they won't put a stupid thumbnail revealing the winner. The idiots at ittf don't realise not everyone is watching their...
  16. To play in the World Tour Final in Korea in Dec, only 2 official games are left

    Numerous Chinese top players must play in Sweden, Oct 29-Nov 1 and Austria, Nov 8-11 to play in the Dec World Tour Finals in Korea. Xu Xin has played enough already.
  17. [Videos] Final Eredivisie 2017/2018

  18. Champions League 2017-2018 | FINAL

    It's time! The first leg of the Champions League final takes place today on the 13th May between Borussia Dusseldorf and Fakel Gazpron Orenburg. Borussia Dusseldorf Timo Boll Kristian Karlsson Stefan Fegerl Anton Kallberg Orenburg Dimitrij Ovtcharov Jun Mizutani Vladimir Samsonov
  19. Should Paul Drinkhall get a bye into the quarter final??

    There is a ongoing discussion on facebook at the moment with Matt Ware and many other UK table tennis players. Matt Ware's status is No disrespect to him but how can our number 1 TT player get a bye into the quarter final of the England National Championships?? Can anyone explain this Paul...
  20. LF: 2004 U.S. Open | Men's Singles Final Video

    Hey there, I was wondering if someone has a video of the 2004 U.S. Open Men's Singles Final between Ryu Seung Min and Chuan Chih-Yuan available? Cheers, Mischa