1. Editing option in forums fixed

    Hi all, The editing issue over the last few days has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconveniences. Happy surfing :)
  2. Equipment Reviews on TT forums

    Hi everyone, I am creating this thread to toss out how I feel about Equipment Reviews on TT forums and shoot the first round of discussion on it. TT Reviews of equipment by us Amature folk are a sacred thing. We all want to see a review by a peer amature player, since he or she is at the world...
  3. Table tennis forums in Asia

    Hello, Do anyone know if there are any forums in Asia and which of them are the most popular ones?
  4. Buying and Trading in different forums

    Hi Guys. I just want your opinion on an issue I've been exposed to so here goes. A couple of weeks ago I've traded my blade with a guy on this forum. We've decided to trade the blades without paying any extra cash to one and other and before I agreed to trade, I clearly asked the guy...
  5. Xu Xin sent from space to destroy the Qatar Open 2011

    Xu Xin sent from above cruised through the mens singles at the Qatar open with all the best players in the world competing. Xu Xin was just on a different form to everyone else in the hall. On route to the final Xu beat - Robert Svensson 4 - 0 - Patrick Franziska 4 - 0 - Wang Liqin 4 - 0 - Wang...
  6. Allan Bentson Interview - New and exclusive!! (World Ranked 38)

    Amazing Interview with Allan Bentson who is the current World Vett Champion and highest world ranking of 38! Click the link to go to the interview on this site! Photo by: ETTU...