1. Ma Long vs Ryu Seung Min confrontation

    Sorry, I have found this image of two of my favourite players. It seems in last world championship both met and Ryu have gained some weight. I couldn't resist doing this meme
  2. TT Prank video

    absolutely hilarious !!!! bookmark that channel, its becoming one of the world's best !
  3. What is your coaches funny coaching tips expressions?

    My coach has 2 funny ways of trying to make a point. The first is stamp on the spider. This is for the forehand backspin serve. After the weight transfer of going back on the back leg he wants me to stamp on the spider using the front leg to bring the torso down during the serve swing. (I am...
  4. Serve Trickshots !

    Hello Guys, I want to invite you to watch our second youtube episode. This time we used only serve trickshots, we hope you will like it. Comment down below, what we can do next. Also u can follow us on our social media, where we poste informations and other unpublished trickshots. ENJOY...
  5. FUNNY table tennis Tshirt

    I have played table tennis for over ten years. I think this is the best and hardest sport in the world. We have to use 100% our body and 200% brain. My tactic is always controlled the spin and placement of the ball. But sometimes I feel impotent to do it. At the moment I was realizing the power...
  6. Zhang jike plays Funny table tennis with kids ( Video)

    Zhang jike the grand slam champion is playing table tennis with kids in his home town Qingdao . It's happening inside a cooking program to the name of 《年味有FUN》.
  7. Comedy gold! Funny table tennis sketch!

    Need cheering up this evening? This is a classic! What other funny table tennis sketches are lurking on youtube?
  8. Miu Hirano Post World Interview : Funny and outrageous !

    Somebody shared this on facebook , just goes to show how unprepared the whole thing was .... funny and sad at the same time Enjoy !
  9. Jonathan Groth - Funny Olympic Training

    This is from a danish TV show, that I really wanted to share with a worldwide audience, as I find it hilarious :)
  10. Funny and familiar rallies

    This video only has 1600 views up to now so maybe you haven't seen it yet. It features amateur players and in my playing circles I've seen very similar rallies. I guesss that we all play the same. Enjoy
  11. Its OK to dream. I don't know if this is funny or sad.

    or does it matter? If I am still playing TT when I am 90 years old it will declare it a victory.
  12. A Funny Table Tennis Fall

    Who said that table tennis is not a dangerous sport?
  13. Where to a Post Silly/Funny Question?

    Hi. I wanted to ask some people more knowledgeable about table tennis than myself a funny question. If hobbits, dwarves, goblins and elves decided to play a round of table tennis together. I was considering writing a short story on the subject, as I am fond of table tennis and fantasy settings...
  14. Funny shot - Ball lands in mouth!

    Hi this is a funny video that I want to share with you!
  15. Funny interview with Ma Long 2015!

    Check out this awesome interview of Ma Long! It is priceless, he seems such a cool guys! Adam Bobrow interviewed him brilliantly, what a brilliant personality Ma Long has!
  16. Does Ma Long have a six pack? Funny interview

    After beating ZJK in the final of China trial competition, Ma Long was asked whether he has six pack or not. There are a few new pictures of Ma Long changing shirts released, and fans started to guess "How many packs" Ma Long has. Some say he has only "One" pack. Some say he needs tanning...
  17. Funny Table Tennis Meme

    Hi Guyz, i just had some time to spare today so i made this. I hope u enjoy it as much as i do :)
  18. Like this if you laugh at least once

    This is the best. If you laugh at all, like my post.
  19. Funny Table Tennis Game

    A new techniques :D:D:D:D
  20. Funny moment at the Czech Open

    Watch this 458131997662089