1. 5 Reasons Why Eleven Table Tennis Will Blow Your Mind

    Is Virtual Reality Table Tennis the next big thing? It could well be. TableTennisDaily has done a rigorous test of Eleven Table Tennis and it is mind blowing! Okay let's get straight to it, here are 5 reasons WHY Eleven Table Tennis will blow your mind! 1) Realism We had to start with this...
  2. Virtual Reality Table Tennis Game

    Has anyone played the Oculus Quest Eleven Table Tennis VR Game? if so, how realistic is it? Can you loop, chop etc.?
  3. List of Players (Game Strategy)

    List of Players (Based Strategies Butterfly Blades) Some topic where there is a list of National Selected Players (or elite category) and ranked where you can see what game strategy (BLADES) they use (game strategies that Butterfly applies to its BLADES) * other brands use five and / or up...
  4. advices + opinion for the modern chinese penhold block game

    Playing a few games and observing my training without a ball, a famous game with the shadow, I realized that my style is close to the table and also in the middle distance, I use the active tpb blocks and in the middle I sometimes switch to the penhold reverse backhand block. most of the time...
  5. Table Tennis vs. Ping Pong

    What is the primary difference between the two if there is one and do you get offended if you confuse the two?
  6. Chinese Game Show [BEAT THE CHAMPIONS] incl. Liu Guoliang and Wang Tao

    Sorry if this has been posted already. I just found out about this game show. Where they will invite champions of different sports, like table tennis, tennis, boxing, badminton, soccer(china doesnt really have a champion in Soccer, they invited Kaká and Owen as the Champions) and so on. The...
  7. Austria fearlessly plays the game May 2, 2020 /Be happy/
  8. I have updated this game 43 times. Hope you'll enjoy playing it at home. If you can't go out. Give me some comments too on how you want it next? Cheers. :)
  9. NEW VIDEO: Cho Seungmin VS Liang Jingkun 7 Game Thriller (German Open 2020)

    This 7 Game thriller from this year's recent German Open between Cho Seungmin and Liang Jingkun was finally salvaged! It's not amazing quality (probably around 300-400fps) but it's all we have, given ITTF failed to put this on a livestreamed table.
  10. Stress in table tennis during the game

    Hello, some time ago I wrote a topic about table tennis and stress that occurs in the game and how to deal with it. The topic is in Polish ... o-pokonac/ In short, very similar methods as in fencing, for example, humming melody during a fight or even...
  11. OSP Ultimate II – A 7-ply blade for a controlled spin-offensive game-style

    OSP Ultimate II – A 7-ply blade for a controlled spin-offensive game-style In my continued search for the ‘perfect’ 7-ply all-wood blade that supports an aggressive FH-oriented playing style with spinny opening loops and powerful loop-drives, controlled aggressive BH blocking and driving with...
  12. Great angle to watch a pros' game

    May be isn't the best angle to watch a whole match, but I think that with the view of a couple of minutes from this angle you can feel the intensity of a pros' game.
  13. How is the women's game different from men?

    I noticed that most women while serving position themselves slightly off center where as a majority of men are on the extreme sides (right or left handed). Also, haven't seen any women serve the reverse pendulum. Why no love for that serve...?.
  14. Choosing right blade for my game

    Hi guys, I'm new here at this forum and I would like to get some advice about choosing a blade. I play with inverted rubbers and my playstyle is close to the table (and sometimes far from the table). I use my BH for an opening with a lot of spin but also BH drive/blocking over table and I use...
  15. Table Tennis "I Love This Game" (New Mrtheportal Compilation)

    My new compilation :)
  16. If you want to win, Dominate Game 1 Why Game 1? Why you should dominate Game 1 for win? Let it check with statistics and strategies.
  17. [LHTT_#48_CHN Coach Lesson] CHN Uncle's Practice Game

    [LHTT_#48_CHN Coach Lesson] CHN Uncle's Practice Game
  18. Website for every professional game?

    Hey guys I was wondering if there is a website where you can look up every professional game that is played. For example CTTSL, TTBL, and all of the major Tournaments. In my opinion its pretty hard to keep track of it since you would have to look it up for every league/tournament on their own...
  19. Hitler Reacts to ITTF's Game-Changing Announcement EC meeting, 20170923 EC meeting, 20171214
  20. Impact of the plastic ball on the game