1. Ma Long vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov left hand match!

    Dimitrij Ovtcharov has just posted a new video on his Instagram account taking on Ma Long in a left hand match! The two players are currently at the German Open where the main draw will begin tomorrow. Catch up from all the latest from the German Open. Be sure to follow Dima on Instagram here...
  2. A diving swap hand shot!

    We're a big fan of swap hands shots! Check out this one below by table tennis player Andy Pereira from Denmark! Not only does he swap hands, he dives for the ball!
  3. Is my 2nd hand bought Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit ST blade genuine?

    Hi. Just won an auction on a Timo Boll Spirit ST. Because this is a popular blade I think there are counterfeits out there. If anyone have a blade like this or know how the genuine one looks like please check if mine is the real deal. Pics: Thanks!
  4. Timo Boll: Around the net + Hand Switch

    Timo Boll has surprised us in the past with his insane hand switch shots during big matches. One noticeable hand switch was against Jun Mizutani at the Volkswagen Cup 2011. You may also may remember Timo's hand switch against Chen Qi at the Kuwait Open in 2009. This time around, Timo pulls off...
  5. Amazing Hand Switch Rally by Oscar Perman!

    Have you ever swapped hands in a rally to help you stay in the point? STIGA's Oscar Perman did just this and went on to eventually win the point! On occasions table tennis players switch hands when they are truly out of position. Timo Boll has done this before and the legend Grubba did it often...
  6. Hitting ball with hand on accident?

    When playing table tennis, my hand holding the racket sometimes hits the ball. The ball usually lands on the other persons side , but whose point is it?
  7. ITTF Top 10 Hand Switch Shots

    Hey guys,here's a video with some of the best "hand shots" in history. What's is your favorite?
  8. Is there any rule regarding serving the ball with your hand?

    I would like to know if there is any rule regarding the ball hitting the back of my hand during service instead of my paddle.
  9. Swap Hand - Superb Point!

    Wow! Check out the skills in this point! We love this entry, which was just submitted on Butterfly France Facebook page! Check this out! The anticipation was slow at the start to react to the serve, however the reaction to swap hands instantly was just incredible and then followed up with...
  10. The NO-HAND tabletennis player

    So guys, the ittf just shared a video on facebook and i wanted to show u this: What an amazin man! Never say never again truly gets a new meaning!
  11. Wang Liqin vs Ma Lin Left hand match

    A few years ago i saw video of Wang Liqin vs Ma Lin with left hand, has anyone who have this video?
  12. searching: Korbel Magic Hand

    hey, I've posted also in the category "general". I'm searching the blade "Korbel Magic Hand" (Butterfly). Does somebody have this blade or does someone know someone who has this blade and would sell it? Thank you =)
  13. Can you Hide your hand under the table during service

    Hi guys, I was wondering if your allowed to hide your racket under the table during your service.The Ball in my left hand can still be seen above the table and you can see the contact of the ball when I serve.Is this illegal or legal. Thanks for your help!
  14. Zhang Jike apologises to the World for not shaking hands with Ma Long

    Today on the 1st March 2012, Ma Long and Zhang Jike met in the Men's Singles final at the Asian Championships 2012. Ma Long played tremendously and won the game in four straight sets. As the match ended, World Champion Zhang Jike avoided shaking hands with Ma Long. This has put the table tennis...
  15. Zhang Jike avoids Ma long's hand

    It is apparent from the video footage below that World Champion Zhang Jike did not shake hands with Ma Long at the end of the match! This is crazy behaviour for my liking! What do you all think? Discuss... Full match below thanks to ttCountenance! Could this have an impact on Zhang...
  16. Don't forget Back Hand.

    Everyone focuses on forehand strokes, forehand rubber, i kinda feel bad that people forget about the backhand. hahahaha. What do you guys think is a good backhand rubber for blocking, flicking, and sometimes looping? Thanks. :D