1. My hand sweat to much

    Olá a todos, estou com um grande problema, quando treino no meu clube, as minhas mãos suam muito e sou o porta-canetas com a empunhadura Wang Hao. É muito ruim, eu cometo erros não forçados por causa disso. com as suas experiências, você sabe amenizar?
  2. FS: Two hand made Levi blades

    No information other than that the one with the straight handle weighs 88 grams, the other (a test sample) 86. On the straight one, some sort of carbon fleece (?) seems to have been used, the other looks more like a normal carbon layer. Asking price for each 25 Euro, shipping included.
  3. Caronavirus (no hand shaking after mathces)

    No hand shakes are allowed but surely people touching the ball and then passing the ball about doesn't make much difference? https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/news/archived/coronavirus-statement/
  4. Poll: Right Hand players vs. Left Hand Players

    Poll: Right Hand players vs. Left Hand players Listening to NPR radio recently, a show segment mentioned that about 10% of the population is left-handed and 90% right-handed. This ratio seems dis-appropriate in TT. A much higher percent of the better players seem to be left-handed. How about...
  5. Serve before receiver ready - receiver caught ball in hand

    In a recent game I was not quite ready to receive a serve when the ball was served to me. I made no attempt whatsoever to swipe at the ball with my bat (which was in my right hand). The ball actually was travelling directly at my left hand and I instinctively just caught it. The player doing...
  6. Timo Boll hits swap hand passing shot against Ma Long!

    Okay, so we have seen Timo Boll hit quite a lot of swap hand shots in his time. Ones that stand out in particular is the swap hand shot against Chuang Chih Yuan in T2, the swap hand shot against Chen Qi and Jun Mizutani. However, yesterday Timo Boll took swap hand shots to the next level. Not...
  7. How to use the Lower Arm for F/Hand

    How to use the Lower Arm for the better spins of Forehand? a Lesson from Chinese Coach https://youtu.be/XK9-KcGT_jU
  8. LF: Nittaku violin large hand

    I am looking for nittaku violin large handle grip /konkave or straight/, prefer low light blade/85 g or less/. Paypal is no problem. Thank you [email protected]
  9. Blaszczyk hand switch

  10. Unbelievable swap hand shot by Timo Boll | China Open 2018

    Timo Boll has only gone and pulled off another swap hand shot followed by a ridiculous forehand chop shot! If this doesnt feature in the top 10 shots of 2018 I don't know what will! Enjoy!
  11. Impressive Hand Switch Shot by Amateur Player

    What do you think ?
  12. Timo Boll Hits Ridiculous Swap Hand Shot! T2 APAC FINAL!

    This is absolutely insane! We managed to catch the moment Timo Boll his the most ridiculous swap hand shot! Boom, this is insane!
  13. Ma Long Hand Switch Shot 2017

    Can You play with both hands ?
  14. FS:Hand crafted blade, 5-ply all wood.

    After several requests to purchase one of my blades, I thought I'd offer one for sale. For sale: 5 ply Handcrafted blade. Koto - Douglas fir - ayous - Douglas Fir - Koto. 85g. 5.5mm. 149mm by 157mm head size. Flared handle with a thickness of 2.3mm and 3.4mm wide. The handle is made from beech...
  15. Using hand sanitizer to help remove rubber

    Hi all, I have heard that you can use nail polish remover to help remove your rubber from the blade. I wanted to know if I could use hand sanitizer, or rubbing alcohol/alcohol swabs for the same purpose.
  16. Outrageous Swap Hand Shot by Feng Yalan!

    This deserves a topic of it's own! Feng Yalan hits this absolutely ridiculous swap hand shot against Ding Ning at the China Trials Marvellous 12! See for yourself below! WOW! I have a feeling this will be the best shot of 2017! Insane!
  17. Who needs a bat. Unbelievable Table Tennis Shot With Hand!

    Who needs a bat. Unbelievable Table Tennis Shot With Hand! Table Tennis player Alpha Hirokazu Tateishi pulls of this never before seen shot using his hand! What do you think? Legal? :D Pretty impressive don't you think :D
  18. Unbelievable Swap Hand Around The Net Shot!

    We've seen a fair few swap hand shots in our time but this one takes the biscuit! Dorian Nicolle pulls off a ridiculous around the net using his other hand in this crazy point for French Club SU Agen Tennis De Table. What do you think? :D
  19. Am i allowed to manipulate my hand like this during the serve?

    When serving, i always have the ball on my open palm hand that is 180 degrees. During the motion of which i am tossing the ball, my hand is 180 and slowly angles itself to a 135 degree angle so the ball sort of is thrown to me so i can serve. Am i allowed to do this? or must my hand by 180...
  20. Wanted-second hand inverted defence rubbers (under 1.5 in thickness)

    Im not sure how this is done here as i have just joined.I am wanting to buy second hand inverted rubbers that are under 1.5mm thickness. I cant find any on e bay and im not really wanting to pay silly money buying new.Uk only please.I do not mind paying up front for the rubber as i trust you...