1. Recent Timo Boll Interview with German Newspaper

    Timo Boll recently did an interview with the German Newspaper Fuldaer Zeitung discussing his personal life during Covid and how he’s approaching the twilight of his career. The article can be found (in German) here...
  2. [Video REQUEST] Interview on why LJK using blue sponge on BH

    There must be an interview regarding why he did it since the last time he won the tournament. Even in CN championship he seem to be keeping that setup. Can anyone give me a link? Thanks!
  3. Ma Long & Timo Boll - Interview!

    Timo just posted this video on his YouTube channel: It's a video from 2018 of him interviewing the one and only Ma Long! Interesting to see two giants of the sport talking life and TT
  4. Larry Hodges Interview at Kevin Table Tennis

    Here's my interview at Kevin Table Tennis! You may know Kevin Nguyen (from Portland, OR) for his table tennis trick shots, and he's also among the best of his age in the country, rated 2062 at age 12. Hope you enjoy some of the funny stories I tell! Take it in two sittings, perhaps, but once you...
  5. Ma Long on World Table Tennis (Interview)

    A new interview has just come with Ma Long being interviewed about World Table Tennis! <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden"...
  6. Video Interview w Timo Boll (17th June 2020)

    Had a great live interview with Timo today as part of my weekly interview series, thought some of you may enjoy this one! :)
  7. Dan (TTD) and Matt (MHTT) Interview [VID]

    Hi all, here is the video from me and Dan's IG live. We tried to condense as much as possible into the 1 hour, could have gone on forever!
  8. Gionis Panagiotis interview after won Polish Superleague 2019

    Here is my short interview with Pro defender Gionis Panagiotis. He play in team Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Dartom Bogoria played yesterday against KS Dekorglass Działdowo. What rubbers he use? Just watch the video. Enjoy!
  9. Interview of a Member of ITTF Commite:That's how the ITTF wants to go against tuning!

    I guys long time I was gone, but I basically quit table Tennis because the game just isn t fun anymore because of the plastic ball. Taking the Spin away from a game, that unique selling factor was spin was just really a bad decision in my opinion. But anyways I am still a huge Ma Long Fanboi so...
  10. Hina Hayata : interview

    Is it possible to translate this interview with Hina Hayata?
  11. Mikhail Paikov interview video

    Hello! Russian player Mikhail Paikov with my funny questions. Enjoy :)
  12. Tibhar Owner Roland Berg Interview Part 1

    Tibhar owner Roland Berg has made his way to TableTennis11 headquarters and he has answered many of your questions. Check out part 1 of his interview! <strike></strike> <strike></strike>
  13. New and Exclusive Interview with Thomas Weikert, ITTF President

    Had a great opportunity to talk with ITTF President Thomas Weikert, I asked some questions on the progress of ITTF and what his plans and vision are moving forward, and then was blessed and humbled for him to respond to my question regarding the relationship between him and former ITTF President...
  14. 2018 WTTC Halmstad Post-Match Interviews

    These videos don't come for free.
  15. Ma Long Interview - WTTTC 2018 Preparations: Tea, History and English Table Tennis World Magazine Interview: How does Ma Long prepare for 2018 WTTTC? Drink Tea, Read History and Practice English! Q1: Who is your roommate during this year's closed training camp? Who was your former roommate(s)? Ma...
  16. TTD to interview Adam Bobrow later today

    Hi guys, Ill be catching up with Adam Bobrow on Instagram live at 4pm UK time today. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask the voice of table tennis please fire away! Also, you can join in to our live stream by clicking the TableTennisDaily Icon on Instagram :)
  17. Post-match interview question with Fan Zhendong at men's team world cup

    I was watching Fan Zhendong's post-match interview after winning against Liam Pitchford in the men's team world cup. The interviewer asked the question: Hearing this, I was disappointed with the way the question was worded. This is a sport and players will have days when they come up against...
  18. Shocking Interview with a Table Tennis Fan on World Ranking Reform

    A Spanish table tennis fan shares his thoughts on the ITTF World Ranking reform in an interview with a local talk show host.
  19. T2 | Timo Boll Exclusive Car interview With TableTennisDaily!

    What's going on guys! I'm here with T2 APAC at the Grand Finals, it's an absolute blast! The team are awesome and really want to get to know their players more! Here's an interview with Timo in the car on the way to T2! Hope you enjoy it! Timo talks about his experience at T2, his upcoming...
  20. Ask Timo Boll a question!

    Hi guys, So I've somehow got back stage at this years Butterfly photo shoot :) Tomorrow I will be doing a interview with Timo Boll! Submit all your questions here and ill try to ask Timo as many as I can!