1. WALDNER (Swe) vs YOO Nam Gyu (Kor) 1989 in Korea (IOC Cup Final)

    Great match to watch.
  2. Match Against a KOR High School Girl

    In S.Korea, The Practice Match with a High School Girl~ https://youtu.be/K4384PU4sXM
  3. [LHTT #69_KOR Coach Lesson] Push & Topspin

  4. [LHTT #58_KOR Coach Lesson] Advices for Backspin Long-serve

  5. [LHTT #57_KOR Coach Lesson] Hellish Last 3 Minutes

  6. [LHTT #55_KOR Coach Lesson] Forehand Topspin against Backspin

  7. SUH Hyowon (KOR) Equipment

    Hello, i'm new here and as the title says, i want to know what is the equipment of the korean defender player SUH Hyowon. And if possible the rubber exactly specs (thickness) and if the blade is fl or st. Thank you very much.
  8. Interview: Jung Young Sik (KOR)

    Hey all, I'm creating a new page where I plan to post interviews of professional players from around the world, and report on TT news. I'm dedicated to making this an informative and interesting page, and first off will need to shamelessly ask that you can help get started here and on Facebook...