1. W968 any version?

    Hi all again, Now i have a budget to order the blade i was dream about, but can't afford the most expensive version of it, the version i found is the cheapest i can afford, it is DHS Hurricane Long 5 National which is coded as "W968". If i buy any version i find online that is almost half to...
  2. Nittaku Ma Long 5

    So i tried to change from one all-wood blade to another after almost four years. Here is how it goes.. I switched to this Ma Long 5 blade from the Hurricane Wang Liqin. The outer layer is koto on this blade which is hard, however the inner layers give the blade stability and stay on the...
  3. FS DHS Hurricane Long 5

    Tested for 1 hour. The handle is too slim for me :( Goes with original box 125 euros with tracking number paypal as gift or add more 5 euros