Nittaku Ma Long 5

So i tried to change from one all-wood blade to another after almost four years. Here is how it goes..

I switched to this Ma Long 5 blade from the Hurricane Wang Liqin. The outer layer is koto on this blade which is hard, however the inner layers give the blade stability and stay on the strokes. I am using this blade with Tenergy 05 2.1 on the forehand (Red) and Tenergy 64fx 2.1 (Black) on the backhand. The blade gives out a nice sound when hitting the ball. Especially on the loops the sound generated is awesome.
The blade has decent power for counter-loops, close to the table play, short game is quite decent too. All in all if you are looking for a 5 ply wood which supports the modern offensive game, this blade will suit you.
In my opinion this blade is Off-, not Off or Off+. Reason is that you have to have the proper technique in order to make use of the speed of this blade, this blade is not outright 'pacey' so to speak. You need proper brushing technique otherwise the blade wont give you much support.

This blade will suit the beginner - intermediate player in my view.
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No, NML5 is not the same as DHS HL 5. Other than the word Long 5, the plies are completely different and last I hear, play quite differently as well. However both reviews seem to be positive. This a probably just a marketing ploy to get ppl to buy NML5 thinking its a higher quality HL5 compared to DHS ver by confusing the public.