1. Mattias Falck "I still can't believe it" | TableTennisDaily Podcast #5

    Hey everyone! In today’s episode we are joined by Sweden’s Mattias Falck. Mattias is fresh off his incredible 2019 World Championship performance! He claimed silver in the event after losing a very competitive match to World and Olympic Champ Ma Long. Mattias talks about his World...
  2. Ask Mattias Falck a question!

    Hey guys, Next up on the TableTennisDaily Podcast will be Mattias Falck who last month claimed a silver medal at the 2019 World Championships! Mattias Falck the world number 11 will be joining me and Will, so any questions you would like us to ask him, fire away in the comments. We will do...
  3. Even Mattias Falck using a change handle 968?

    Looks similar.....
  4. What 's Mattias Karlsson equipment ?

    What 's Mattias Karlsson equipment ? That he used in Swedish Open 2016
  5. mattias karlsson

    does he use short pips on fh or bh?