1. FS: Joola quattro carbon, Dynaryz AGR max red, Dynaryz ACC max black

    Hello everyone, I would like to sell this setup. I saw the blade online and due to it having 4 carbon layers it caught my attention. I tried the blade and have to say it feels very nice. You'd think that due to the 4 carbon layers it would feel like a brick, but nothing is more from the truth...
  2. New 729 BATTLE MAX PRO?

    Anyone have any reviews of this? It seems to be the latest battle rubber. Is it better than battle 2? Is this the battle 3 rubber?
  3. Differnce between RSM G-Max and Cypress G-Max

    What's the difference between the discontinued Butterfly Ryu Seung Min G-Max and the new Butterfly Cypress G-Max?
  4. FS: XIOM Vega Euro (red, 2 mm) and Vega Asia (black, max) UNPACKED

    Hi, bought these rubbers at al a local retailer thinking to assemble my first bat. Little I knew that it will take quite some time until I will be able to play with any tensors. A guy at our small club had them on his OFF- blade and let me try them, so I didn't even unpack mine afterwards. Now...
  5. FS: Butterfly Hadraw VK + MX-P Max + Rakza 7 Soft Max

    For sale is a Butterfly Hadraw VK blade fitted with Tibhar Evolution MX-P Max and Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft Max. Total weight of setup is 171 grams including edge tape. Composition is Koto-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Koto, thickness 5.7mm, weight 80 grams and the blade is made using the finest wood from the...
  6. Would max sponge short pimples compensate for the ABS balls?

    Hi struggling with the ABS balls and short pimples! can't lift the ball finding my hits slow margin of error feels narrower? do short pimple guys think going to 2.0mm spectol red would help I use 1.8mm spectol red at the moment
  7. Jp 01 max red for Chopping vs M1 max red?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Jp 01 max is good for chopping with a 5ply defensive blade. I know a certain japanese chopper uses it but I don't know how well it would go with my blade. Also wondering how this rubber may compare to M1 and other rubbers
  8. 1.9 or max on forehand!!

  9. Test: Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version. Max sponge, black, forehand
  10. What is the max rubber thickness of Xiom Rubbers?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what the max rubber thickness of Xiom rubbers are. When i look into them it say 1.8 2.0 then Max but doesnt say what. THanks
  11. FS: 2 * Nittaku Hurricane 3 Neo black max

    Hey, I got 2 Nittaku Hurricane 3 Neo in black with max sponge for sale. Usual price at TT11 is 39,90 Euro, I sell them for 30 Euro each. Shipping costs extra depending on your location.
  12. FS/FT: Cypress G-MAX | 2017 | 95g | 350 US$

    FS/FT: Cypress G-MAX | 2017 | 95g | 200 US$ Hi there, I'd like to sell/trade my Butterfly Cypress G-MAX. Photos: Brand: Butterfly Model: Cypress G-MAX Serial: R028596EZRW Year: 2017 Sanded: Yes Sealed: No Rubber: No Weight: 95 grams Price: 200 US$ Location...
  13. Chinese Rubbers Max Thickness Problem

    Hi for all, I have a doubt, I have a Chinese coach and he's talking about the chinese rubbers are much better than the Euro/Jap ones, and he convinced me to try out Chinese rubbers on forehand. I can obtain real H3 Neo Provincial version from my country, but I prefer to try first a cheaper one...
  14. FS Donic Epox Control | XIOM Vega Pro (max) | Tibhar Extra Long (ox) $95

    Have too many blades and looking to offload. Posting to see if there is any interest. Blade has about 10 hours of playtime. Rubbers changed only once. Bumped the table with top left edge leaving a small indent. Both rubbers barely used (approx 2 hours). Looking to sell for $95. Will post...
  15. Rview Yinhe Jupiter II MAX TENSE province - YouTube

  16. LF: New Butterfly Garaydia ZLC and New Sriver G3 FX (Max)

    Hi TTD, I am looking to buy this combination and it is not available in India. The butterfly distributor clearly denied to order them for me even though I was willing to pay. Now, he wont even answer my calls. (p.s. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in anticipation
  17. FS Tibhar Hybrid K1 black max like new

    SOLD Tibhar Hybrid K1 black max like new Glued twice (VOC free), played for two hours in total. Cut to 15 x 15,5 Postage to any place as registered letter 6 Euro Rubber price 14 Euro Payment by PayPal only. Please get in touch via Private Message.
  18. Rakza 7 soft MAX VS Tibhar Evo EL-S 1.9 on BH ?

    Hi Now my BH is Mantra M 1.9 sponge 45 degree. It felt no dwell time , very high speed , medium throw angle , easy to drill heavy spin butt low control . I have used Rakza 7 soft 2 years ago sponge and topsheet are soft , high spin , easy control butt I never try Tibhar Evo EL-S . I read many...
  19. FS: Tenergy 05 professional version - RED - MAX

    Hello people, I am selling a ONE-TIME-USED Tenergy 05 professional version ("SP"-Code, see pictures below) The glue on the sponge will be cleaned before shipping. height: 157mm width: 148mm (played on a Hurricane Long 5) I offer this one for a price of 80$. (shipping excluded). Write down...
  20. FS: Tenergy 64 professional version - RED - MAX

    SOLD: Tenergy 64 professional version - RED - MAX Hello people, I am selling a new Tenergy 64 professional version ("SP"-Code, see pictures below) I offer this one for a price of 80$. (shipping excluded). Write down your interest here or just PM me. Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact...