1. Which balls are the best for multiball training?

    Hello everyone! I am looking into purchasing balls for multiball training but I am not sure which one to buy. I normally use the Xiom 2* ball with a purple logo but have seen xiom V 2* balls with a light blue logo for cheaper. Which would be better to use? Also does anyone have any opinions on...
  2. Olympian Coach Giving me Multiball

    I find it interesting how little people practice multiball. My coach always gives me half the lesson with multiball, and he said during his peak, his coach would do the same thing. Here's a highlight of the practice!
  3. Upbeat songs that match tempo of multiball?

    Are there any songs that any of you guys enjoy listening to while doing some multiball?
  4. [LHTT #35_Chinese Coach Lesson] Random Multiball Training for Flick
  5. [LHTT #34_Chinese Coach Lesson] Forehand Topspin Multiball Training with Footwork
  6. [LHTT #17_Chinese Coach Lesson] Multiball for Flick and Random Play (No Edition)
  7. Multiball feeding with Long pimples

    Hello everyone, I am not comfortable playing against long pimples and short pimples rubbers. I miss shots to often, don't get to read the spin...lots of improvement required here. We do multiball training regularly in our club and wanted to try using long pimples to feed the ball. Has anyone...
  8. Multiball vs off block

    Hello fellow trainees or knowledgeable coaches. What's your take on drills that are multiball driven or off block driven? I've seen some videos online that use multiball (say for a Falkenberg) and since the ball is more controllable by the coach, it seems that you can really focus on the shot...
  9. With how many balls is it possible to play at the same time!?

    Hey guys, Inspired by Mj Tafeltennis we decided to try out with how many balls we can play table tennis at the same time. It was quite a bit of fun but got really challenging towards the end! Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to try it out yourself too! :) How many do you think that...
  10. Multiball training - Blast off with your feedback

    Multiball training - Videos Hi guys, Finally I started practising with coach after my injury. My last thread was on service practice but after that my leg pain worsened and I stopped playing. However, better things followed. After lot of recovery and wearing a medial arch support, I am back...
  11. Post your multiball session :D

    Here is mine lol I'm out of form :D
  12. Mizuno shoe model identification

    G'day all, Wondering if someone can help me identify the shoe Mr. Gauzy is wearing in this video: It can be seen more clearly 2:15 onwards. Thanks!:cool:
  13. Dilemma with Random-MultiBall

    I've come across a problem recently with doing Random multi-ball drills with my coach. This is when the coach will give you backspin, high balls, topspin balls, no spin, quick, slow, short, long just randomly from their bucket of balls. All goes well until I miss one ball, after I miss one ball...
  14. China National Team Training 2016!

    This topic will include all the videos of the Chinese National Team training in 2016. Multi ball videos and normal open table training. Players include Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Fang Bo, Ding Ning and many more. Xu Xin & Liu Guoliang Training Multiball last month! Very intense.
  15. Multiball vs Robots

    Hi guys,Is it big difference multiball practice with couch vs Robot ?I have robopong 2050 you can choose drill which you like BH FH,Faklenberg etc. For multiball you have to pay couch.Does it worth it?What is your opinion?
  16. Multiball video of elementary kids in Korea.

    I was floored watching this video a couple days ago. There timing and footwork is amazing, especially when they switch on and off during doubles training near the end the video. The ball feeder looks very young too, she looks to be in junior high or high school. I can only hope USA and other...
  17. Training videos

    Hi everybody, we have launched a project in club training: During youth training in our club we do some video shooting. Afterwards we upload the movies to youtube. The videos include excerpts from multiball practice or table tennis exercises. The juniors have a lot of fun and are very...
  18. 30 Seconds Multiball

    Anyone like to try?
  19. Rubin with 3 point forehand multiball

    33 Year old Rubin (2nd year in TT) 764045033646421 This video was taken during the final minutes of a 2 hour multiball session.
  20. Multiball Training

    Thought this could be an interesting discussion. 1) How many of you do multiball training, and what is the ratio in percentage compared to "other" training? 2) Does the feeder normally stand by the net, between net and end of table, or at end of the table? 3) Does the feeder bounce the ball...