1. when and reopen for order equipment ?

    They still close now., when they comeback .
  2. Research about ball catch net

    Hello, I am doing a bit of research on ball catch net's, I have a few question about these - Does your club have a ball catch net? - Do you use it mostly for training with Robots or is it used for multi ball training - Which ball catch net would you recommend - What problem do...
  3. Need net to fit 3" table ($1000 USD table)

    Hello all, I built a $1000 USD ping pong table. It's 3" thick (7.623 cm). I can't find a net that will fit. Any suggestions? The table is 3" thick so I need a net that will accept a 4" table. (See pictures).
  4. 3 Steps To Master The Around The Net Shot | Table Tennis

    Hey guys, in this video we go over 3 tips that help you learn and master the around the net shot. This shot is something we see pro players pull off fairly often, although it can be challenging it's very satisfying and enjoyable when you can pull it off! In this video we show you how to perform...
  5. Net tension?

    Bought a new stiga net and now there seem to be a lot more net balls(somebody topspins/chops and the ball doesnt even bounce on the net it just crosses). Is the net not tense enough? i used the little tool that came in the box but looks like it only works for height
  6. Michael Maze | Backhand Around The Net Challenge

    Heyyyy Everyone!! Here's our latest video with the one and only Michael Maze showing us his devastating backhand around the net! He makes it look easy! We find out how many Michael can hit around the net in one take! How many backhand around the nets can you do? :)
  7. Measuring net height correctly

    I got a small dilemma with regards to measuring net height. Usually you do want to have the net as tight as possible and with the correct height. I find this impossible to achieve if you measure both at the net posts and then in the middle, there will always be a small difference? I usually...
  8. Replacement net for sponeta s 1-42e?

    Hi there, new to these forums but hoping you can help. I have a garden outdoor table , Sponeta 1-42e which came fitted with the ‘basic’ net set. This is a non adjustable plastic net that slips over two metal posts. Basic as it is it works ok but the net has stretched over time and there is no...
  9. Cheap and portable net for a robot and multi- ball

    Hello, after some advice on the catch net mentioned above. I occasionally take a robot to the local sports centre and would like to purchase a net that's quick to set up. Also want to take out for multi-ball. A quick internet search showed a Joola Buddy net for around £49 and a Chinese made net...
  10. Net height experiments - analysis - discussion.

    Hi everyone, probably lots of people know, there is some discussion going on in the TT community about the net height, whether could it make the sport more available to the audience and so on. Dan usually asks about it in his podcasts. I would like to approach it from the perspective of the...
  11. How to pull out string inside the middle of the net?

    So a lot of nets have a string that goes through the top of the net to keep the net tight. Unfortunately, one end of the string on one of the nets in my university is inside the middle of the net, making it very difficult, if not impossible to pull out. Do you guys have any advice on what to do?
  12. Around the Net by Edmund Suen

    Is this a roller or a slider? hahahahah. Awesome shot. :)
  13. Net Height to increase as of October 2017!

    Over the last few years there has been a lot of discussion whether to change the net height in table tennis. After successful trials in Germany the ITTF have today announced, that the net height will be raised by 1cm as of October 1st 2017! This decision has been made as this is a change all...
  14. wait hold on. hitting of the net stand counts so point or no point
  15. Chris Doran - amazing round the net shot

    This is how it's done - watch the point at 6:40 in the video below.
  16. Unbelievable Swap Hand Around The Net Shot!

    We've seen a fair few swap hand shots in our time but this one takes the biscuit! Dorian Nicolle pulls off a ridiculous around the net using his other hand in this crazy point for French Club SU Agen Tennis De Table. What do you think? :D
  17. "Around The Net Mix"

    My "Around The Net" compilation
  18. Ma Long Mimics Fan Zhendong's Around The Net In Rio!

    Last month Fan Zhendong's incredible under the table around the net roller went viral due to its formidable skill level and difficultly! Even main stream media including Sports Bible, BBC and USAToday picked up the remarkable shot. When Ma Long met Quadri Aruna in the team event at the Rio...
  19. INSANE Under The Leg Around The Net Shots By Apolonia!

    Hi all, At the end of the TTD Tiago Apolonia Blade Review I asked Tiago if he had any trick shots up his sleeve. He said he can do around the net shots from under his legs! I couldn't quite believe the precision and accuracy Tiago had! See it for yourself in the video below! How impressive...
  20. Table Tennis Table Catch Net

    Hi guys, I am trying to buy a table tennis catch net, so that when I practice serving or play against my robot, the balls do not go every where. I am debating between whether getting a catch net that is attached to the table, or one that is on 4 wheels. What are your thoughts? My concern is...