1. Post all TT professionals nicknames that you know or think a new one

    Thought would be interesting to post a list of all the known nicknames of professional TT players. I'll start... Ma Long: The captain dragon, The dictator Xu Xin: The cloudwalker, entertainer, showman Zhang Jike: Tibetan Mastiff Liang Jingkun: The terminator Lin Gaoyuan: The dark knight...
  2. How to ‘embed’ video clip into the post

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to make sure a video clip is embedded directly into a post I make? cheers.
  3. Table Tennis vs. Ping Pong

    What is the primary difference between the two if there is one and do you get offended if you confuse the two?
  4. Post corona good gear deals.

    Due to current Corona situation a lot of us sit in home practicing in different ways. But since most of playing venues are closed I suppose number of people purchasing equipment has probably dropped too. According to law of demand and supply, when there is drop in demand but there is supply...
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Post

    Yep. That's it.
  6. Where can i find the Post your blade ,or something like that post?

    I've tried searching but to no avail, can anybody help? im not sure if this is the right name ,but it goes something like that ,thanks guys
  7. How to post videos on ttd

    I am new here. So, I don't know how to post videos here. Can you please help me:(:(:(:(
  8. Does it cost anything to post a sale on ebay?

    I have never sold on ebay and want to know if it costs anything to post a sale on ebay or if they charge once you've sold the item.
  9. First post! Buying equipment on TTD

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum and I was hoping someone could tell me the process of buying equipment on TTD. What makes a seller more reliable? What is used for payment? Can sellers be trusted on TTD? I appreciate all responses and hope to positively contribute to the community! Thanks, H
  10. Friendship/729 rubbers for post-speedglue era

    Hi all, Which rubbers from Friendship/729 are for post-speedglue era? I know that 729-08, 729-05, and 729-08 ES are. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Eduardo Bagarrão
  11. 2018 WTTC Halmstad Post-Match Interviews

    These videos don't come for free.
  12. Post-match interview question with Fan Zhendong at men's team world cup

    I was watching Fan Zhendong's post-match interview after winning against Liam Pitchford in the men's team world cup. The interviewer asked the question: Hearing this, I was disappointed with the way the question was worded. This is a sport and players will have days when they come up against...
  13. Miu Hirano Post World Interview : Funny and outrageous !

    Somebody shared this on facebook , just goes to show how unprepared the whole thing was .... funny and sad at the same time Enjoy !
  14. Post 40+, the highway to Quadri Aruna?

    Hi TTD. Watching the match between Boll and Aruna and several other matches of African players, it got me thinking. This tournament, saw many African players such as Aruna playing incredibly well and could par with the world elite. However, while watching it, it feels like they are much...
  15. Post your multiball session :D

    Here is mine lol I'm out of form :D
  16. Me my equipment and a rubber question Adidas Tenzone Ultra sf (long post)

    A few things about me I am 42 years old now, I was playing table tennis on a team from when I was 11 to about 15 years old. Last year I started playing again after a 26 year break and from November I started training with a coach couple hours a week. I play table tennis as hobby just because I...
  17. 5 post limit to include links...

    Not a serious complaint, but this limit came to me as a suprise. I just finished a blade review and wanted to post, but got the message that I'm not allowed to include picture links, because of my thread count. Wouldn't it be feasable to gray out the link options, so that a member that is not...
  18. Killing the Robot - Post Your Video

    I don't have any video to post here yet but this thread is about killing the robot (or your multiball partner) when practicing. Feel free to practice something crazy like putting the robot on superheavy backspin and performing 10 Ma Long loop kills or something like that. Don't get injured...
  19. Happy post number 1000!

    just wanted to celebrate my post no. 1000 on TTD :cool: have a nice weekend Fellow TTD members!
  20. The best rubber/rubbers from each brand?? Post your thoughts!

    The best rubber/rubbers from each brand?? Post your thoughts! Stiga, Yasaka, Donic, Xiom, Butterfly, Tibhar, Dhs, Andro, Addidas, Haifu, Joola