1. 5 Reasons Why Eleven Table Tennis Will Blow Your Mind

    Is Virtual Reality Table Tennis the next big thing? It could well be. TableTennisDaily has done a rigorous test of Eleven Table Tennis and it is mind blowing! Okay let's get straight to it, here are 5 reasons WHY Eleven Table Tennis will blow your mind! 1) Realism We had to start with this...
  2. reactor corbor pro

    who here has used it? is it really sticky? how is it compared to h3?
  3. Sanwei Target Pro Blue

    Hello everyone Hope you are all safe!! Has anyone here used the Sanwei Target Pro Blue .I'm looking for insight as to its hardness.What are the 39 or 40 degrees hardness like.In recent times I've used the 729 bloom power,Palio CJ8000 and the DHS H3 Neo.Can anyone make a comparison for me...
  4. DaeJeon Korean Amateur PRO Div Final Dec 2020

    Hi everyone, Continuing vids to show what amateur tourneys in Korea are like. This is the finals of the Pro Div. The typical player in this Div is pro trained school athlete or even an occasional ex-pro TTer. Median level is USATT 2500+ some are much higher. Both of these look under 2600 level...
  5. sanwei f3 pro and fang bo b2

    what is the composition of these blades and thickness. Thanks.
  6. FS: Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon + Nexxus Pro EL Rubbers

    SOLD €125 Blade: Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon (Anatomic handle) FH (Red): Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 50 Hard BH (Black): Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 48 Please PM me if interested. Purchased from in late-September 2020: Total...
  7. Yinhe pro 13s, good concept but is it worth to try ?

    I saw in aliexpress.This blade is inner KLC fo FH(it claim this structure form Long 5) and outer ALC for BH(Structure form viscaria). Do you think about this blade?
  8. New 729 BATTLE MAX PRO?

    Anyone have any reviews of this? It seems to be the latest battle rubber. Is it better than battle 2? Is this the battle 3 rubber?
  9. Alternative toi Xiom Vega Pro

    Alternative to Xiom Vega Pro I´m using Xiom Vega Pro in max on fh on a 7 ply Andro wood. Really like Vega pro. But now its beginning to bubble under the rubber, so i can feel some bumbs when I´m feeling on the rubber with my fingers. A team mate gave med some used and 1 barely new rubber I...
  10. Recreating some PRO actions!

    Hello Guys! This time we tried to recreate couple of pro players actions. Let us know how we done. Don't forget to subscribe our channel and leave comment with your ideas for next episodes. Also follow us on instagram, where we post other tricks...
  11. Xiom vega X vs omega 7 pro

    Hello there! Right now I'm playing with xiom omega 7 pro on my backhand. I've heard really good reviews on the vega x. What is the difference between these two? What's the pros and cons? And can you recommend the vega x?
  12. Stiga Pro Carbon - where to go from here?

    Hi all, New to the forum. I've been playing table tennis for a good while and am average enough for a basement player. I've been using the Stiga Pro Carbon with the standard S5 rubbers for the past 6 months or so. The rubbers have started to lose their tackiness, and I'm ready to upgrade...
  13. LF xiom vega pro blade

    looking for used in good condition or new xiom vega pro blade 84gr+ thanks
  14. Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo Blue Sponge - Booster/Boosted?

    Hey there! I just ordered a Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo Blue Sponge and am really excited to try it out and eventually switch to it as my main FH rubber. Now, I was wondering whether it has already some kind of boost effect built in when beginning to play with it or whether it needs extra...
  15. Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue - Boost or No Boost?

    So I was scrolling through when I noticed about the DHS-Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue in the online shop. It shows that the rubber is composed of the tacky topsheet of Hurricane 3 and a modified Japanese blue rubber. If I plan on having this rubber, should I boost it or is...
  16. Anyone here using a Yinhe V-14 Pro

    Hi, Is there anyone in this forum using a Yinhe V-14 Pro? A friend of mine is selling his V-14 Pro and I am interested because it seems so have a simillar composition to Vis and TB ALC but sadly I cannot test it due to the quarantine since he is in a different city. It would be great if you guys...
  17. Differences between Stiga DNA Pro and Victas v15 extra

    Hi there! I'm just wondering if anyone can do a comparison between The stiga DNA pro and victas v15 extra. I'm playing with the dna pro M but thinking of the v15 extra.
  18. Need a new BH rubber: O7P vs DNA Pro M?

    I need your opinion comparing those 2 rubbers for backhand on a viscaria. If possible please compare springiness, grip, durability, and other characteristics :) Thank you.
  19. Tmount Hinoki Pro Blade - Tmount blades

    Hallo, has anyone ever tried the Hinoki Pro Tmount blade? Or another Tmount blades (from South Korea) with the same, more or less, composition (Hinoki outer plies)? Also, compared to other blades from other manifacturers with same composition (for example: Garaydia from Buttefly, Nobilis from...
  20. For Sale Tibhar Robo Pro Plus

    For sale in excellent condition Tibhar Robo Pro Plus. Compatible with 40+ balls, with the appropriate kit that has been installed. Located in Greece, shipped everywhere in EU. Buyer incurs shipping cost. 500€