1. A quick question on Thorntonses' delivery service

    I chose the delivery option which doesn't have tracking so I don't know the progress of the shipment. I though I would at least get an estimated arrival date for my stuff, possibly from an confirmation email after the purchase. But I didn't so I just want to know how long did it take for...
  2. Need some quick tips for an upcoming tournament?

    Need some quick tips for an upcoming tournament. Hey guys can you give me some quick tips for an upcoming tournament on 12th June 2019 IST . So I am a left handed player and my strength is my forehand. Can please give me some nice advice to hide my playing style from my opponent. I get very...
  3. [CNT Tutorial] Ep 8: Fan Zhendong's FH Back-to-back Quick Loop

    Per member Fabian's request. This one didn't take long to finish but it took me a while to start working on it since Hong Kong was blessed by Typhoon Mangkhut a week ago.
  4. Quick Booster Question: Does the effect wear away after peeling off?

    So I just did this: I peeled off my rubber from the blade ONE day after boosting, and I was wondering if that makes the boosting effect go away? I did this because I usually boost with TWO layers, but this time I only boosted with ONE layer, so I decided to peel it off, and boost with ANOTHER...
  5. Which rubber makes the sound of quick glue higher today?

    Which rubber makes the sound of quick glue higher today?
  6. Learn Forehand Quick Loop from FZD(English Subbed)

    Upon the request of a forum member:
  7. My vlog and quick review of FL2, Dtecs and 388D

    If anyone is interested. I will post updates and hopefully videos of my TT progress and few training/matches if possible
  8. Quick way to Boost Chinese Rubber

    Hi ... I was in hurry so i decided to do a quick boost of DHS Tg2 Neo Blue sponge . First i apply first layer of booster (baby oil ,cause Falco long was not available in the moment) directly to rubber (it is containing layer of glue by default) ... after 4 hours of dry i apply second layer of...
  9. Quick about glue.

    Let me preface my comment with the fact that I don't actually play in tournaments, just like to mess around with some of my friends. I have some rubbers that I boosted with baby oil that have domed too much and wont stay on paddle. What kind of glue (waterbased or regular) can I possibly use...
  10. Quick Rule question.

    I know you can't talk in a rally. ESPECIALLY during your opponents stroke because it could distract them. But what if you mishit the ball, causing a weak return, are you then allowed to say something like "oh crap" if it's really just a reaction to your own shot?
  11. Hi guys from New Zealand - quick question.

    Hi all, Hobbyist player here. In the forum, where is the best place to talk about Intermediate general technique, improving one's game, posts to good training videos and discussion about how to evolve? Ed
  12. Quick update :)

    Hey Guys :) As some of you are aware, over the last few weeks I had many exams and essays to complete for my University. I'am completely finished now and will be able to spend much more time supplying you all with the latest and greatest table tennis information. Sorry for the lack of content...
  13. Log in with ttdaily.co.uk

    Does what it says on the tin! For faster access to the site, you can now open TableTennisDaily with: www.ttdaily.co.uk Hope this helps everyone! :) Have a good week
  14. Quick update (19/11/2011)

    Hey guys, thought I'd give you a quick update on things.. I've been working along side a new coder known as Ziki. He is a awesome guy and we are starting to push the boundaries on what this site can do. In the next coming weeks we will be releasing some amazing new modifications which you are...