1. Website to see the world ranking every day

    Hello, Here is a website to see the world ranking everyday, after each day of international tournament. For example, today after the semi final in Singapour, Wang Chuqin in number 1 and Liang Jingkun number 3. https://sites.google.com/view/mundialrankingtabletennis/accueil Have a nice day
  2. What is my USA ranking now?

  3. ranking for 2020

    Can somebody explain how it works now? As I remember the points gained in tournaments should be valid for 1 year. So the world tour standing should be accurate now in 2020. I know not all of them are included yet but how the points best player XX 2024 should be connected to the ones in ranking...
  4. Top tournaments based on prize money and ranking points

    I'm a bit new to table tennis. I've been following it for a while now on ITTF streaming services. But I was a bit confused about the tournaments structure. Is there a breakdown somewhere that describes which are the top tournaments based on prize money and ranking points? For instance, in...
  5. new september 2019 ranking published

    Hi guys, New ranking has been published http://results.ittf.link/index.php?option=com_fabrik&view=list&listid=69&Itemid=206 And I have some question for the ones who are following the rules. I found Marcos Freitas who is not 26 in the ranking and he dropped to places from the previous...
  6. UK League ranking situation

    For my UK players in the know... What is the situation currently with TTE ranking and TT365? I know there was a thread here in March regarding the refusal of TTE to pay the extra cost for TT365 so they have gone their own way. I now notice that the TT365 will not let you view any historical...
  7. World ranking rigged?

    I'm obviously in the state of mind that ITTF is very corrupt, doing everything they can to reduce the chinese dominance. In any case, this seems a little too obvious, it would be nice if someone could point out eventual mistakes I've done, or simply confirm the clear error in the new world...
  8. mistakes in june world ranking???

    http://results.ittf.link/index.php?option=com_fabrik&view=list&listid=69&Itemid=206 I think Ma Long previous ranking was 7 or 11, Niwa was in top 10 I think?
  9. Wonderkid Harimoto tweets his big ambition for 2019!

    After an unbelievable 2018 we currently have a 15 year old World number 3. This is of course no ordinary 15 year old, this is Tomokazu Harimoto! With some people tipping him to be a future GOAT, here he is becoming the youngest World Tour Grand Finals Men’s Singles Champion in 2018. This time...
  10. T2 Diamond will have World Ranking points

    T2 put on facebook today of the format for the 3 tournaments this year https://t2apac.com/t2-diamond-announces-qualification-criteria-and-world-ranking-points-for-the-grand-slam-of-table-tennis/ Players will get World Ranking points. The qualification process players have to be inside the top...
  11. New 2019 ranking is published

    https://www.ittf.com/rankings/ Harimoto no. 3 Ding Ning comes back to no. 1 Japan comes back to no. 2
  12. World tour standing and new ranking after Incheon

    Can someone please update new ranking (top 10) after grand finals?
  13. Changes to World Ranking Regulations in 2019

    https://d3mjm6zw6cr45s.cloudfront.net/2018/11/WR2019_Summary-of-changes.pdf 2019 WORLD RANKING Summary of changes 1. Point Validity In order to avoid issues that might arise from hosting the same type of event in different months of the year, the point validity for the Men’s, Women’s and Team...
  14. Why are there a lot of "low-ranked" chinese players in ittf?

    The common view is that China is totally dominant in the sport, its harder to win the Chinese championships than the Olympic etc... And that china has a myriad of "hidden" top players that never enters the official rankings. Is that true? Or is it just the top 3 chinese players that are so...
  15. November World Rankings 2018

    The November World Rankings have been released with some notable changes! 15 year old Tomokazu Harimoto career high world ranking #6 - Photo via ITTF Flickr The new November World Rankings are in with some big changes. One in particular is 15 year old Tomokazu Harimoto who loves to break...
  16. Thoughts on new ITTF ranking system

    Hey guys, I want to hear what you guys think about the new ITTF ranking system. First of all, I understand that ITTF changed their ranking system so that more popular players would participate on smaller tournaments. I somewhat support this system, but at the same time I think there are more...
  17. Ranking issue

    Hey guys there is a new ranking for June. Ma Long is no 2 now and that is great. But I have a question about Boll and Dima. Joe is it possible that dima surpassed timo after may where he was not active and timo earned 1350 points in China open?
  18. TOP10 Ranking Players of the Uniated States of America

  19. TOP10 Ranking French League

  20. Top10 Ranking Bundesliga