1. Joola rhyzm vs rhyzm tech

    want to upgrade from xiom omega 4 asia for more spin and speed .joola rhyzm and rhyzm tech which one is similar and better than omega 4 asia on timoboll spirit blade.
  2. Joola RHYZM and Stiga BOOST cheaper than online!

    Hi All, We are selling Joola Rhyzm and Stiga BOOST TP at a special price of £29.99 each reduced from £49.99! Message me for more information or to purchase of you can buy directly from our website. https://www.ttcampshungary.com/shop Thanks!
  3. JOOLA Aruna OFF Blade Review

    Hey all, We have just released our latest TableTennisDaily review on the Aruna OFF blade with the man behind the blade himself, world number 25 Quadri Aruna! It was fantastic to spend the day with Quadri Aruna when we went to Germany to watch the recent World Cup. He is a really nice, humble...
  4. Almost new rubbers for sale - Rakza7 Soft, V>01 Limber, V>01, Rhyzm, Hexer HD...

    Almost new rubbers for sale - Rakza7 Soft, V>01 Limber, V>01, Rhyzm, Hexer HD... Hello guys, I have some almost new rubbers - most used 1 hour - for sale. Pls see the photos attached. All rubbers were cut around regular size blade (Clipper), might need some boosting for full size recovery...
  5. Rhyzm 425 2.0 and Xplode sensitive 2.0

    I'm interested in these rubbers. If you have experience with one off both please share your knowledge. I'm interested in the following: - speed - spin - control - weight
  6. Joola Maxxx-P & Rhyzm-P Review

    Sorry it took me 2 days to post the review because of being sick and due to the typhoon. These 2 amazing rubbers have been provided by www.greenpaddle.com, the official distributor of Joola in the Philippines. I have used several versions of Rhyzms and Maxxx's in the past and all I can say...
  7. Double Tuned Joola Rhyzm For Sale

    Afternoon all, I am looking to find a buyer for my Double Tuned Joola Rhyzm rubbers. These rubbers are in very small supply, and are given out to Joola sponsored players here in the UK. These rubbers are quicker and substantially spinnier than the regular Rhyzm, an awesome replacement for...
  8. Joola maxxx vs joola rhyzm.. Compare!

    I currently use joola rhythm and i was wondering how maxxx 450 compares (rhyzm 425 that is)! I hope to hear your feedback!
  9. JOOLA Rhyzm/Xplode Product Review

    Hey all check out our newest videos for JOOLA Rhyzm/Xplode. It's a 3D video we've been working with my brother who specializes in Animation. He was able to create these great videos for 3 of our products. We were also able to bring in ITTF Course conductor Richard McAfee for some product reviews...
  10. Joola rhyzm

    looking to get this to replace my bluefire m2 on my FH could someone review it? i play a topspin attack game :) thanks
  11. 5Q vs Rhyzm 425

    Has anyone played both the Tibhar 5Q and Joola Rhyzm 425 ?, While the 5Q is quite a good match for my Zhang Jike blade, it has quite a low throw, I've heard some good reviews on the rhyzm and thought the slightly softer sponge may help with the throw? Can anyone help with comparing these two on...