1. Stiga action roller table.

    We have one at my office and the table is OK'ish but the net is horrible. It's permanently attached to the table and not changable. I would love to put another net on there. Anybody have any experience with this ? Cheers L-zr
  2. Best Roller of the Year!? With LONG PIPS!

    I hit this roller with my normal LP rubber (Curl P4) and it wasn't planned in any way. I just said: "Serve this again and I'll do a roller" and I did... :D Keep in mind, I am an attacking chopper with long pips on my backhand, so this is not something I would attempt in a real match. Ever...
  3. Great roller shot by Chen Weixing (Chicago)

    Chen Weixing pulls of a ridiculous roller in the Chicago Open! For more videos go to<wbr>channel/UC70DonxVphgQk7MotE_<wbr>K1DA Talking of rollers, heres TableTennisDaily's top rollers of all time!
  4. Self Hit: Double Bounce Forehand Roller Practice Video of mine

    Hi Guys, First of all, If the roller was good, all the credit goes to the community. Everyday I learn a lot about table tennis by interacting with mates around here. Whether it is positive or negative, they tried to convey about something which is hidden to my mind's eye. In the previous...
  5. Crazy Siva vs Fan Zhendong Unbelievable Roller Shot Challenge

    Crazy Siva Unbelievable Roller Shot Challenge Hi Guys, Today I practised the new roller trick shot as a challenge, Was lucky to get a few ones out there in video. Hope you like it, share with me what you think? If you have some suggestion for me to do another trick shot, please share with me...
  6. Unbelievable Roller by Fan Zhendong 2016!

    Do we have the best shot of 2016 so far!? The Japan Open this week just witnessed Fan Zhendong play a shot from under the table which rolled around the net! Watch the shot in the video below! Impressive?
  7. Amazing Around The Net Roller by Hou Yingchao!

    Watch this absolutely stunning around the net roller by Hou Yingchao! It's not often we see one of these, completely un-returnable! Watch the slow mo at the end to really see how great this shot is! Have you ever hit one of these?
  8. Stiga Outdoor Roller - Table - Net Replacement

    I own a stiga outdoor roller table which comes with a prenet included. As the net is of a low quality and the post had slightly broken, I would like to buy new one. Is this table supports a replacent net? (btw my consideration nets are DHS P108, Butterfly Match and Butterfly National Leauge)