1. JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion too slow and Treiber FO OFF and Timo Boll ALC too fast

    Hi, I have been trying to find an Adidas Fibertech Classic alternative and i decided to give the JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion a try. The rubbers are Rasanter R47 MAX on both sides. The control and blocking is amazing but i'm surprised that the bat it slower than the Fibertech Classic with...
  2. Germany in Decline? Rosskopf: Working to Revert It

    Playing Career: Atlanta Olympics and WTTC Dortmund Most Memorable TTW: How was the daily routine of the German team back in your time as a player? Did European associations organize joint training camp before the competition? Rosskopf: Back then, the German national team rarely invited players...
  3. J.Rosskopf Serve Clinic WVC 2018(how to practice service and diss on EmratThich)

    My favourite part is 8:25 when some EMT stan ask about superextra tutorial how to flicks like ZJK and use right knee (if you right handed) when you bend down and you place your weight on right foot and try adds ultraspin/speed moving your wrist and German Legend responds him "which chinese...
  4. Jorg Rosskopf vs TableTennisDaily's Dan | 1 set showdown!

    Hey guys, new 1 set showdown with Jorg Rosskopf the mighty German National Team head coach and World Doubles Champion in 1989! in this video I challenge Jorg to a 1 set showdown at the World Veteran Championships in Las Vegas at the JOOLA booth! Jorg Rosskopf vs Dan! Winner of the JOOLA...
  5. Who will win - Dan vs Jorg Rosskopf | Las Vegas 2018

    Hey guys, I'm here at the World Veteran Championships in Las Vegas and challenged Jorg Rosskopf to a 1 set showdown! Simply leave a post here or over at youtube on what you think the score was in a 1 set match between me and Jorg for your chance to win a JOOLA Rossi Carbon blade signed by the...
  6. Shoebox with blades including Sweden Classic, P700, Rosskopf Force

    Good prices I think but it's hard to get rid of them. € 8 each Yasaka Sweden Classic Lion Shield Yinhe T-2 €15 each DHS TG-T7 P700 Rosskopf Force Blades are in good condition but some have glue residue or small dings. All six blades together for €60
  7. Jörg Rosskopf plays his first League Match last year

    Hey guys and gals, on a german Forum someone posted Jörg Rosskopf´s first league match in the Oberliga Hessen (5th League in Germany) last year Enjoy :)
  8. JOOLA Update: Interview with Joerg Rosskopf

    Here's our latest interview of Germany's Mr. Table Tennis. We're lucky to have a good relationship and I think we managed to get some cool answers from the legendary player.
  9. Rosskopf and Chen Weixing vs Chinese amateur

    Both of them are old vedios, I don't know if anyone post them here before, but they are really interesting..:) Rosskopf vs amateur XMjMxNTg5MjU2] XMjMxNTkwMDMy] XMjMxNTg3NDcy Chen Weixing vs amateur XMjMxNTkxNTQ4
  10. Interview with Jorg Rosskopf

    Original content and mmmmuch more at I was lucky enough to score an interview with one of the table tennis greats of Europe, Jorg Rosskopf a.k.a Rossi. I always felt Rosskopf was a player who had great success but lived in the shadow of players like Persson...