1. New Setup

    Hi everyone, I currently play with Yasaka Pryde on F/H and B/H but the local store will stop selling this rubber. I'm looking for a new rubber like the Yasaka Pryde. Any advice? Thanks
  2. What do you think about this setup?

    I found great custom made racket on ebay for only 60 $ Dhs PG7 blade with H3 NEO on fh and Skyline 3 neo :D So what do you think about this ? ;)
  3. Defense Setup Help Please!

    I would like some help with a defense setup, I have pretty much already decided the actual equipment but I have some queries which I would seek some recommendations from defense aficionados: FH: Tenergy 64 1.9mm thickness (I have an old sheet lying around so yeah I am very happy with this) BH...
  4. New setup

    Hey guys My friend want new setup. He asked me what is the best choice for him. :D I recommended him Galaxy 896 or W-6 blade on bh-kokutaku tokyo and on fh-super 999t topsheet with custom sponge. ;) Now,i really dont know much about sponges-what would be the best sponge for the super 999t...
  5. What do you think about my setup and whats yours? :D

    I use DHS Skyline 3 Neo on bh and three nine super 999t on fh and galaxy n-9 blade. :D All toegether i paid it 45 $ and i love it :D What is your setup? ;)
  6. My setup

    Hey guys, i want to change my setup.I am curently using tenergy 80 on bh and hurricane 3 neo comm. on forehand So now i want something cheaper because i have limited budget :D I want to buy galaxy n-9 blade and skyline 3 neo on bh So could you recommend me some good but not too expensive fh...
  7. Clipper CR Setup Advice

    Good day TTD! Some of you may have read my review on the Viscaria blade with Hurricane 3 blue sponge and Boost TX rubbers. Well, if not, still okay. hehe. I am reverting back to all wood blades for the feel, and I've finally decided to purchase Stiga Clipper CR Non-WRB. My choices back then...
  8. Setup advice

    Currently i'm trying the following: -Blade: Joola greenline medium. -Rubbers: Donic baracuda 1.8mm bh and fh. I like this setup but it feels sensitive for spin and on the heavy side. How can I solve this? I prefer Donic,Joola and Stiga rubbers. Thx.
  9. Please rate this setup

    Blade: Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Forehand rubber: DHS H3 neo Backhand rubber: Yasaka Rakza 7 I am hoping to acquire this setup,but before I do,I would like to know how good it will fare/how well the rubbers suit it etc. Thanks.
  10. My new SETUP !!!!

    Hey guyzzz ! just wanted to ask if this setup is a good one ! Blade : Stiga Allround Classic FH : Xiom Vega Pro BH : Xiom Vega Europe I'm thinking of doing the order from TT11 for 76 Eur. :) thnx appreciate any advice !!!
  11. My New Setup :))

    Hi Guys!.. Had my new setup.... Blade: Stiga Clipper WRB FH: DHS H3 (Not yet buying the blue sponge) BH: Xiom Vega EU..... those who's familiar with me. and knows that I would be buying the ones that I've posted a couple of weeks ago...... When I will buy at the equipment store, they said that...
  12. Good setup for 8 years kid.

    Hello everyone. there is one kid in my club who is playing for 1 year and a half, and he is 8 years old. He plays offensive topspins with forehand, and blocking, pushing and playing flat hits with backhand. Just like everyone in those years. His dad asked me for advice good rubbers + blade for...
  13. Help on a new cpen setup

    Hi, I have been playing with my current setup of Neo skyline 2 on the forehand, friendship focus 3 snipe on a Dhs power g3 for 8 months now and am looking to replace my setup. At the moment, I am thinking of getting Yasaka extra offensive ,dhs hurricane 3 Neo or dhs skyline 3 Neo on the forehand...
  14. Pimple/defender setup

    Hi.. I often lose to long/short pimple players. So I have decided to get a pimpled setup to practice with my coach and friends. Any recommendations for a decent pimpled rubber (budget 25 USD)? I have a Stiga Offensive classic lying around. I could use that blade or I am even open to getting a...
  15. Setup for a friend HELP!

    Hello guys.. I have a friend who is currently trying to change his playing style because he is very inconsistent. He Has a very Agressive playing style but like i said before he is inconsistent.. he likes to smash everytime he can and Likes to play far from the table, however he is not very good...
  16. which setup is the best?

    Hii, i had been playing with donic persson powerplay having donic coppa on my FH and tibhar rapid on my BH. The rubbers are now near to dead so i need to replace them.I now plan to move to a carbon blade,some more fast and spinny rubbers except tenergy as it is expensive. Which blade and rubber...
  17. What is the best table tennis paddle set up?

    Hello Guys, What is the best ping pong racket set up for Offensive and for Defensive type player based on your experience? Thank you!
  18. New Setup

    Hey guys, I'm looking to alter my setup quite drastically over the next few weeks. The aim is to make sure my bat is playing to my strengths. Here's my current setup for you all to get an idea of what I'm dealing with currently: What I like + Lightweight Feel - I don't feel I would enjoy...
  19. Help! setup for Donic Waldner Black Devil CB

    Guys, I need help to choose for Donic Waldner Black Devil CB blade, below are my rubber choices: FH/BH - Butterfly Tenergy 64 FH/BH - JOOLA Rhyzm FH: Donic Acuda S1 turbo, BH: Donic Bluefire M1 FH: DONIC Coppa X1 Turbo Platin, BH: DONIC Coppa X1 Gold I need your inputs for this. Thanks.
  20. people plzzz give me reviews about my new setup

    i have just ordered a stiga roosewood nct 7 blade and with it rakza 9 and stiga boost i want to know ho will these rubbers play with the blade and what will be the speed and control of this setup ty