1. Looking for a reputable site to wager on Table Tennis

    I'm looking for a reputable site to wager on Table Tennis. The main problem is that I live in the U.S., and our draconian regulations make it very difficult to place online wagers from most states. I do have a place that will take my action on local mainstream sports like Baseball and American...
  2. Site to stream ITTF when stream rights notice comes up

    Hey guys Is there a simple way around the "due to the existing rights" notice? Like another site etc, not keen on using a VPN as the free ones are usually too slow. Thanks
  3. ITTF Site down?

    Anyone else experiencing a database error on the ITTF Site? ITTV is working for me but the main site just gives me the message 'error establishing a database connection'.
  4. TT mode site

    Hi, Has anybody ordered from TT mode -- -- before? Just wanted to know how efficient their service is. Just stumbled upon the site looking for some products. Please let me know. Thanks, Ravi
  5. Videotraining in TT Helden site?

    I don't understand German, but obviously that site is offering a videotraining online with the pro player Hielscher? Has anyone tried it? I am afraid is only in German, right?
  6. Table Tennis Blade Building Site

    Hey all, I've started a site to keep track of my blade builds, and to act as a creative outlet for myself. All the information is completely free and I'm updating it often. This isn't intended as spam, there is nothing to join, no ads, and nothing to pay for. I just like sharing information...
  7. Legit site to buy Mazunov Off blade

    Hello! Do you guys know a legit site where i can buy Butterfly Mazunov Off blade? I am asking becuase the price differs a little depending on where i buy it. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  8. New itTV Web Site

    How do you find the new itTV Web Site? Looks like we can now watch live streaming on mobile! yay
  9. Hi, From London Looking for a new Job!

    1) Hi, I'm Jamie. 2) I've played for about a year then stopped for 10 years and picke dup playing again last year. 3) Currently play at a club in London. 4) Best achievements : none really. 5) Ect: Currently looking for a new job in financial services. IB / hedge fund that has a commercial or...
  10. Is it OK to order here? Is this site not a scam site?

    Hi, Just want to know if this site that sells table tennis equipment is legitimate and not a scam site. Thanks
  11. Around the net fh shot, but from the bh side!

    I have a funny around the net shot. Was not planned this way from the start but worked quiet well at the end :-)
  12. TTD Site/Reviews

    Hi guys, A quick question if I may - is there now no other way to get to the TTD Reviews other than searching for them on YouTube ? The navigation pane on the home page leads you to an entry which talks about the Reviews Tab, but sadly that ain't not there, not no more.....:(
  13. TableTennisDaily Site Updates

    Hey Everyone, We have made this official site update area to keep track on all site updates. We will post new website updates in this topic. If you see any issues with the updates it would be great if you can report them here including these details: - What's the issue/bug - Which web browser...
  14. New site layout

    Hey everyone, TableTennisDaily has gone for a new site layout which is more lightweight, and should run faster and smoother on your desktops. We hope you like the new colour schemes. We would like to know your thoughts, do you like this change? TTD Team.
  15. A Video Section to TTD site?

    Hi guys, has somebody else too been thinking that it would be nice with a separate video section here on TTD site? The section could have different sub-sections such as "tt match videos", "entertaining/fun videos), "top (most watched&liked) videos of the month", "newest tt videos" and maybe...
  16. good site?

    Hello is the site a good site to buy new rubbers? Thanks for your answers.
  17. Site update (25th Dec 2012)

    Hi gang :) Does everyone have the same display like the picture below? You can see the Top 25 posters on the left hand column Then after a 10 second interval the top 25 most viewed threads display If yours is different please screen print and attach for us to see, and let us know the...
  18. Site Update (11/10/2012)

    Hey everyone! :) Hope your all having a flying start to the new season! We would just like to know how your finding TableTennisDaily? If you have any requests or updates that you would like please lets us know in this thread and we will get back to you :) How are you all finding the new...
  19. Site design update - (poll)

    Hi all We have just completed a site update, we have updated the design of the website. What do you all think? Did you prefer the older version or do you like how it now is? Articles are a lot easier to now read in the home section :) Please comment and let us know your thoughts and any...
  20. Butterfly opened a new Janese site!

    Butterfly opened a new site for a table tennis information! Here! Please enjoy photos and movies!