1. Ma Long showing of skills Like a Boss

    Nice video :)
  2. Why is CHN TT stroing? : Basic Skills

    Basic & Basic Training in China
  3. [LHTT #70_CHN Coach Lesson] Always Starting with Basic Skills in China
  4. [LHTT #67_Etc] Wonderful Basic Skills by CHN Players
  5. What's your opinion on important skills for playing Table Tennis?

    Good afternoon everyone :D , I once again started playing table tennis and in the future I plan to study sports science, meaning that I'll probably have a lot to do with movement and training sciences. So I was wondering, in your opinion, what is important for playing table tennis e.g. a...
  6. Outrageous chopping skills by Stephane Ouaiche!

    Wow! Here's a rally for the best point collection! At the Korea Open in 2014, Stephane Ouaiche played Kristian Karlsson in an epic match and pulled of this outrageous rally below! Just look at those chops! Feeling or what!
  7. Transferring skills from practice to games

    I have access to a friend's table with a robot for practice. I use it to practice certain basic strokes (I would be around 800 USATT rating) and then I play at a small local competitive club once a week. The problem I am consistently facing is that I will practice a stroke for weeks on the...
  8. Fan Zhendong showing off his Football skills!

    We have seen a few videos surface of table tennis players doing kick ups and playing football with a table tennis ball. Below we captured footage of China's Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun and Turkey's Li Ahmet playing football in the practice hall at the recent Swedish Open. For more videos from...
  9. Fan Zhendong - The skills of the Champion

    New tribute to the brilliant Fan Zhendong! The skills of the Champion! Enjoy!
  10. One Small Step (thanks to 'Drill Your Skills')

    I was inspired by Stiga and Yan An in 'Drill Your Skills' to consider my footwork in moving out of the serving position. I have added one small step into my serve and hey it really feels like it helps to get me into an (almost) ready position significantly faster. So I thought I would do a...
  11. Drill your skills instruction videos

    Hi Guys, I noticed on the STIGA facebook today that they have something called "Drill your skill" where members of the Chinese national team are showing instructions for practicing. I have not seen these before but I think that they are absolute great. Especially for me now when I'm focusing on...
  12. Plastic ball review by Ping Skills

  13. Gym traning to improve table tennis skills ( WITHOUT TABLE)

    Hey guys ! I was looking for information connected with topic " what should i do to improve my table tennis skills without table" and now I would like to ask you what do u recommend (which excersises to improve my table tennis game ? i mean exercises without table , sth like pushups etc . I...
  14. Ma Long & Xu Xin Exhibition 2013!

    As Ma Long and Xu Xin qualified for the WTTC through the China Trials, Liu Guoliang arranged the two boys to take part in an exhibition. The Chinese National Team players took part in an exhibition displaying all kinds of exceptional skills and tricks in the Zhenjiang Dagang Sports Stadium...
  15. Jan Ove Waldner Football Skills (VIDEO)

    Check out these amazing football skills from the legend Jan Ove Waldner!!
  16. Extraordinary skills on Mini Table!

    Wow check this out! Two Japanese players going around the table on a mini table! Amazing around the table skills on a mini table tennis table! Video here: Enjoy Does anyone know who these players are? What do you think of this skill? :)
  17. Drill Your Skills with China National Team

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some nice videos by stiga :) The Chinese National Team Members Xu Ruifeng and Shang Kun are going to show you how to execute essential techniques in TT :) Photo by: Tamasu Butterfly Forehand Serve Tutorial Backhand Serve Tutorial Forehand Receive...
  18. Practice Techniques that Improve Your Skills

    So, in Table Tennis there is Match Play and Training. Match Play is important and I have seen many players improve to a certain degree just by playing matches. But there are many training techniques that will help a person improve different aspects of their technique like footwork, stroke...
  19. Do you cross step?

    Here's a good demonstration How to get to a ball when your to far away from it and out of position. The footwork pattern is whats known as the 'cross step'. Watch how once Paul Drinkhall completes the cross step, he recovers and pushes of back to his ready postion straight away. Some players...