1. Chinese rubber hitting sound - boosted vs non-boosted

    I've had a try of my friend's racket which has Hurricane 3 on both sides. I usually use Rasanter R47 on my own racket. When hitting with my racket there's a very loud clicking sound. It's quite satisfying actually, and it helps me to know whether I've made correct contact with the ball when...
  2. KTL Rapid Sound - review in YouTube

  3. Rubbers for Viscaria with crisp clear sound

    Hello all. Now i playing with Viscaria and 05, 05fx This rubbers very speed for me and also don't have this clear loud sound when i make top spin. So which rubbers with loudest sound, soft and good spin you can advice for viscaria ? Thanks in advance!
  4. No sound on ITTF TV

    Hi guys! I'm trying to watch the TT matches for the Korea Open. Everything is normal, except for the sound. I can't hear any sound at all. It's pretty annoying. It isn't the same thing without it, you want to hear the sound of the ball and of the players! :mad: It isn't just for the Korea Open...
  5. Different sound of DHS D40+ balls

    Hey there, I got a question for you guys which have tested the D40+ balls. The first balls I bought in the first quarter of 2017 were really good and sounded like the Nittaku Premium balls, after 2-3 months or so I ordered 72 balls from TTNPP and they play basically the same I think but the...
  6. Which rubber makes the sound of quick glue higher today?

    Which rubber makes the sound of quick glue higher today?
  7. 5Q sound power update

    Hi all. Been looking at buying new rubbers and having done lots of swatting up on loads of reviews and read opinions on all sorts of rubbers, sponges, throw angles, spin etc etc. I have convinced myself that the 5Q sound power update is hopefully gonna suit me and my game. Was wandering if...
  8. Loop contact sound

    Hello. I know that a very wood-y slap sound is definitely not what you want when looping, but I've been wondering if less is more when it comes to spin. Looking at professional players play, they very often make a sound I would describe as "medium", the normal kind of hitting sound. Yet they...
  9. a rubber close to T05 FX but with sound ?

    I used to play with Tenergy 05 FX, but a little worried about the lack of sound ... I am looking at tibhar evolution MX, is it a possible solution ? or perhaps andro rasant ? I need some advices please ...
  10. Which Rubber do you think got the nicest sound?

    So which rubber do you think got the nicest sound? I'm talking about rubbers without the use of speed glue.
  11. Loud sound ?

    Hi Which carbon / energy carbon blades provide a loud impact sound? Andy
  12. FS: Tibhar Aurus Sound (Red, 1.9mm)

    Hello guys, I have a sheet of Tibhar Aurus Sound (Red, 1.9mm) for sale. It's in good condition. Not really use it really much. Maybe a total of 5 hours. because not really suitable for me. Price: £18 including postage in UK (2nd class recorded). Please PM me if anyone here interested. Thank you
  13. Calibra LT Spin vs Calibra LT Sound

    Hi Guys I currently have LT Sound on the Backhand of my Optimum Seven Blade. Can anyone tell me what the differance is with LT SPin and LT Sound Please? I believe Spin has a harder Sponge?
  14. Stiga Magna Tension II Sound

    I have used the new TTT Member youtube channel to add the video of the Stiga Magna Tension II Sound rubber, which i was given to try and yes it matches Calibra in most areas but spin is more healthy plus the power speed element is incredibly high meaning the ball can be taken very very early and...
  15. ITTF streams possible with sound but without the comment please?

    ITTF streams possible with sound but without the comment please? Oh my I get so irritated of commentators, but I love the sound of the ball and the crowd. Or know another stream site with only sound? Like there was by the Olympics! But I dont know anymore what site that was ;(.
  16. Tibhar Nimbus Sound Review

    Here is a review of my all time favourite and current rubber on both sides! Image from Super Sunman Nimbus Sound is the softest of the Tibhar Nimbus range and falls into the category of incredibly soft table tennis rubbers. This rubber is fast and spinny and has a real spring to it. With max...
  17. A Tibhar Aurus Sound review for you all

    Before I begin, I must say I have never done any reviewing before, so please forgive my noobiness on the subject. First some general info: Name: Tibhar Aurus Sound Price: € 36.90 (Which is cheaper than the 'older' Genius Optimum+ Sound and Primus at €41,90, and the new Tibhar IQ at €46.90)...
  18. Genius Sound / Genius+ Optimum Sound

    Has anyone tried these rubbers? and maybe could compare to the original Genius. Or Nimbus Soft/Sound. Energy Xtra. Express 1/2. Tenergy 05/64 Thanks
  19. Tibhar Genius

    Hi members of this beautiful forum :D I want to test the Tibhar Genius 2.0 on my forehand but I'm not quite sure if I can deal with this rubber ... :D weird ... :D At the moment I'm playing a Sriver G3 2.1 on a Boll Forte but the G3 is very old now and I want to change .... Playing Style: With...