1. Choice between T05fx, rozena and T19

    Hi everyone, I have been playing for the past year with a maze advance blade (all wood), a T05fx on my forehand and a rozena on my backhand (both 1.9mm). I heard a lot about T19 being a great rubber, and wanted to have your opinion on this rubber compared to the two others mentioned. I'm a...
  2. FS: Tibhar VS Unlimited Blades+ Tenergy 05fx/25 + Tibhar Evolution (MXP-ELS-MXS-FXS) Rubbers UK

    Hello everyone, I got a couple of rubbers/blades for sale if anyone is interested. I believe prices are very competitive compared to the market. Everything is brand new! I have sold on eBay and on marketplace but need a bigger platform to sell quicker hence the prices. I have pictures of...
  3. Forehand rubber recommendations

    Hi, I am currently playing with the M1 on my forehand on a Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon blade. I normally loop on my forehand. I just wanted to know, does the Tenergy 64 loop better than the M1?
  4. Tenergy 19

    Hi all, has someone bought it and tested it??
  5. Butterfly Tenergy 19

    Japan make announcement https://www.butterfly.co.jp/product/tenergy/19.html Faster than Tenergy by the diagrams. March release
  6. What's the fastest rubber: Fastarc G1 VS Tenergy 05 VS Thibar MXP?

    What's the fastest rubber: Fastarc G1 VS Tenergy 05 VS Thibar MXP?
  7. What's the fastest rubber: Fastarc G1 VS Tenergy 05 VS Thibar MXP?

    What's the fastest rubber: Fastarc G1 VS Tenergy 05 VS Thibar MXP?
  8. Tenergy and cheap chinese non tacky rubber

    Hello everyone, i have a question today. Recently i see on marketplace one salesman annoucing a Yinhe Mars V2 with this description: " Tenergy similar". This thing is on my head because recently i used my coach racket, he uses a Tenergy 64. I used the Tenergy on RPB. I was amazed when started...
  9. FS: New Tenergy 05 Hard

    For sale: - Brand new Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard 2.1 Red - $63 (5 available) If you buy more than one, each additional rubber is $2 cheaper. Shipping is included for U.S. buyers. (For pics click here) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0DaHRMaCm-lbUhsaDY2R3ZyQTA?usp=sharing
  10. Stupid question about Tenergy 05!

    I tried 05 for the first time tonight on a friends bat, but a bat I am very familiar with. I have often used 05fx most of the last 4 or 5 years. Well it seemed spinnier and more arc on big swings, is this correct in general? It seemed less mushy? It seemed a bit firmer at blocking incoming...
  11. Which Joola rubber is most similar to Tenergy 05fx

    Out of the various Rhyzm and Rhyzer rubbers, are any similar in spin, speed and arc to Tenergy 05 fx? I assume Rhyzer 43 would be closest reading the blurb?
  12. Tenergy 05 fx playing impression by semi-intermediate player

    Hi, My Andro Rasanter r47 rubber had started to wear off so had to change my rubber and this time I wanted to try out Tenergy rubber on my backhand and unfortunately didn't know anyone at our local club who uses this rubber, so I bought Tenergy 05 fx with 1.9 thickness for backhand and glued...
  13. Xiom vega x vs tenergy 05fx

    Hello there! Right now I'm playing with tenergy 05fx, and I want something a bit harder and a bit slower with more control (plus cheaper). I'm thinking about Xiom vega x. But the thing is that Dan says in his review that it's more control and slower than tenergy 05, but I've read some reviews...
  14. Xiom Vega Japan vs Bty Tenergy 05

    Which are the most important differences between the Xiom Vega Japan and the Butterfly Tenergy 05?
  15. Tenergy 05fx on forehand

    Hello there! Right now I'm testing out the tenergy 05 on both sides. I've played with it a little a time ago and is trying it again. I will now try 05fx on backhand and I think that could suit me. But do you have any experience with 05fx on forehand. Can that work too? How does for example the...
  16. Gold arc 8 vs tenergy 05

    I tried gold arc 8 for over a month, and few days ago one my friends let me tried is rubber- tenergy 05 and i felt he was less spinny than gold arc 8, what your oponion on this?
  17. Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII with Tenergy 05 (FH) ??

    Hi, im new to this forum. i'd like to know how it gonna be if i use tenergy 05 on my ebenholz vii (FH)?(im currently using donic bluefire m1). my playing is close to mid range with drive and loop ( i can switch between those two). im relatively new player (1 year - 2 year) and didn't have the...
  18. Garaydia ZLC for sale - Free Tenergy 05 (used)

    Hello guys and gals! I’m parting ways with my back up blade which doesn’t see the light of day anymore. The discontinued Garaydia series is probably the most premium I’ve used from any manufacturer. I’m also giving away both sheets of Tenergy 05 with it! They’ve probably had about 3 months...
  19. Tenergy 05 hard durability?

    Hey all, For those who have been using T05 Hard, how are you finding its durability? Perhaps it's nothing, but it feels like T05H is quite a bit less durable than regular T05. I've noticed the actual rubber looks more worn and smooth, compared with when I had T05 on there previously. Thoughts?
  20. Is Tenergy 05 a very durable rubber?

    Hi, I just want to know if tenergy 05 is a very durable rubber? I have heard that the performance of tenergy 05 remains consistent for a longer time compared to esn rubber which come with factory boosting. Moreover, does the topsheet of tenergy 05 remain more grippy than other rubbers for a...