1. Recent Timo Boll Interview with German Newspaper

    Timo Boll recently did an interview with the German Newspaper Fuldaer Zeitung discussing his personal life during Covid and how he’s approaching the twilight of his career. The article can be found (in German) here...
  2. Freitas Alc VS Timo Boll Alc

    Hi guys, I ask for a comparison on the two frames in question ie Marcos Freital alc vs Timo boll alc. Apart from the outer layer and the central core, I try to understand the differences, hardness, stiffness, feeling, speed, parabola, block, etc etc between the two. I would like to get one...
  3. Blades: viscaria vs timo boll alc vs innelforce ALC.S which is better? and the fastes

    I am among these three woods, I don't know which one to choose, I have always played with primorac carbon, but I would like to maintain that speed with another wood, I have those options, which one would you recommend and with which rubbers? that is fast and controllable.
  4. BTY Timo Boll Control composition?

    I want to know the BTY Timo Boll Control composition? TIA
  5. JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion too slow and Treiber FO OFF and Timo Boll ALC too fast

    Hi, I have been trying to find an Adidas Fibertech Classic alternative and i decided to give the JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion a try. The rubbers are Rasanter R47 MAX on both sides. The control and blocking is amazing but i'm surprised that the bat it slower than the Fibertech Classic with...
  6. Butterfly Timo Boll TJ

    Which is the wood composition of butterfly Timo Boll TJ?
  7. Timo Boll - How I glue

    I cam across this in the morning timo weighing many rubbers and choosing what he use
  8. Harimoto innerforce ALC vs Timo Boll ZLF

    Hello, I have been a longtime lurker here in the TTD forum. I decided to open an account to ask this question as no threads are discussing this particular topic yet. I wanted to ask what the difference is between the Harimoto innerforce ALC blade and the Timo Boll ZLF blade. I am currently using...
  9. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner and Timo Boll Spirit Blades UK ONLY

    Both used, but in excellent condition. Can post to UK only unfortunately. :D:D:D
  10. Difference between Timo bill ALC and Timo bill zlc

    I have both blade .I don't notice big difference in part of looping in speed. More speed in part of smarsh. I lost spin in use of zlc.but get more speed at smash. I can't decide what blade to use .please give me advices.is that normal less spin in zlc compare to ALC. Ok
  11. Video Interview w Timo Boll (17th June 2020)

    Had a great live interview with Timo today as part of my weekly interview series, thought some of you may enjoy this one! :)
  12. I got coached by Timo Boll's coach!

    Hey guys, so something completely different today, when I was shooting a video with Timo last year comparing Dignics 05 to Tenergy 05 I was lucky enough to have a session with the German National Team sports director Richard Prause. Richard has coached Timo for many years and is now working with...
  13. my personal Timo Boll blades

    My Timo Boll collection.
  14. What Made Timo Boll SO GOOD?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Timo Boll. We’ve seen his matches, we’ve watched him play, and we’ve all heard about the greatness of Timo Boll. Over his career, he’s managed to solidify his title as a table tennis legend. He has a variety of accolades fitting his reputation, such as winning the 2002...
  15. Why JAN-Ove Waldner, Timo Boll, Samsonov - able to play at the TOP so Long ?

    Why are European table tennis legends like Vladimir Samsonov, Timo Boll or Waldner able to play at the top of the world so long, while Chinese athletes often take a break early? This is my Opinons. What about you? : This is my Opinons. What about you? Speaking of us, you and me, the...
  16. Q: Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit (AN) + Butterfly Sriver rubbers

    Hello guys, is it worth buying this combination, is it good or not? According to the seller, with the wood has been played for one year and it has small normal cosmetic scratches, but the condition is excellent. Rubbers are brand new, just glued and tried for no more than 30 minutes of play. I...
  17. DHS H301 vs Timo Boll Alc

    Can anyone compare these two blades. I have DHS 301 but I wonder if it is worth paying extra to Butterfly timo Boll ALC?
  18. Applegreen Allplay or Timo Boll ALC? (+ rubbers?)

    At 25 years old/young I am currently taking up TT again after a break of 6+ years. I played some 5 years before the break on a relatively low to medium level. I need some new equipment now. I'd consider my self sort of a beginner right now, but am very eager to practice seriously to get better...
  19. Talk about live legends: Vladimir Samsonov, Timo Boll and Jan Ove Waldner

    Why are European legends like Vladimir Samsonov, Timo Boll or Jan Ove Waldner able to play at the top of the world so long, while Chinese athletes often take a break early? A lot of people have asked me that question, and today, i will try to analyze it from a professional perspective...
  20. Timo Boll ALC and Harimoto innerforce ALC feeling

    Hey all, I currently come from a timo boll ALC blade and tried to switch to xiom icecream azxi, however the feeling from this blade didnt suit me. Therefore i started looking for another blade that would be able to give me more control with my backhand but not lose me too much power on my...