1. Which thickness of rubber would be a good fit for a beginner?

    My 17-year-old daughter is keen to learn table tennis, so I'm thinking to start off with a slight cheaply beginner setup. I'm considering using Vega Intro on a blade for beginners (have not decided yet) that is between flex and stiff in terms of elasticity. The question is, which thickness...
  2. FS: New, unopened XIOM rubbers. Vega EU DF, Vega Japan, Omega V Tour DF, Asia V DF

    I have for sell following rubbers, all of them unopened, all of them red, all of them max thickness. - Vega EU DF 25€ - Vega Japan 25€ - Omega V Tour Sold - Omega V Asia 32€
  3. Xiom Vega Europe

    Does the Xiom Vega Europe rubber come with additional film protection sheets or do I have to purchase them separately? Thanks.
  4. How is xiom vega x compared to rakza x?

    I was thinkinf of getting one vega x rubber but I want to know how it perform comparing to a rakza x rubber that I already have.
  5. Alternative toi Xiom Vega Pro

    Alternative to Xiom Vega Pro I´m using Xiom Vega Pro in max on fh on a 7 ply Andro wood. Really like Vega pro. But now its beginning to bubble under the rubber, so i can feel some bumbs when I´m feeling on the rubber with my fingers. A team mate gave med some used and 1 barely new rubber I...
  6. Xiom vega x vs tenergy 05fx

    Hello there! Right now I'm playing with tenergy 05fx, and I want something a bit harder and a bit slower with more control (plus cheaper). I'm thinking about Xiom vega x. But the thing is that Dan says in his review that it's more control and slower than tenergy 05, but I've read some reviews...
  7. Xiom Vega Japan vs Bty Tenergy 05

    Which are the most important differences between the Xiom Vega Japan and the Butterfly Tenergy 05?
  8. Xiom vega X vs omega 7 pro

    Hello there! Right now I'm playing with xiom omega 7 pro on my backhand. I've heard really good reviews on the vega x. What is the difference between these two? What's the pros and cons? And can you recommend the vega x?
  9. LF xiom vega pro blade

    looking for used in good condition or new xiom vega pro blade 84gr+ thanks
  10. Vega X weight differences

    Hey all, I just bought the the Vega X to try it out. It's Max thickness but when I checked the weight it was about 75/76 Grams. In TT Dan's Video he came out on 72 Grams and LooeelooeeTT came at 69/70 Grams in his YT vid. I was a bit surprised about that difference. A range from 69/70 to...
  11. Omega 5 tour vs VEGA X

    Hello, I'm playing with zhang jike alc and hexer powergrip on forehand, recently I've tried the racket of my friend viscaria+vega pro on forehand. I really like vega pro. I thought the hexer powergrip was superior to the vega pro in both spin and speed. Actually the vega pro is faster and has...
  12. information about Xiom Vega Euro blade!

    Hello. I want to know about: handle, control, speed, feeling of this blade. can you compare it to butterfly blades? and before i play with xiom stravivadius but it's handle is not comfortalbe, a litter bit wide that make me difficulty in converting FH, BH although it's feeling is good. Do they...
  13. Xiom's Vega Europe DF vs new Vega X

    Hello all, I currently have Vega Europe DF on backhand and Asia DF on forehand. Have been playing on and off since 2010, during time at University and a local table tennis club and now work (tech companies like to have ping pong I guess). My skill is trash even though I've had a couple of...
  14. FS: Xiom Vega Pro Blade - 85g - FL - £50

    Xiom Vega Pro blade (FL) for sale: Hoping for a quick sale, so big reduction on price - £50 with free 1st class delivery in UK. Blade weight fluctuates between 85/86g on my scales and settles on 85g. Used but good condition with no damage to blade. The paint on the handle is a little worn as...
  15. Xiom Vega X vs Omega Pro IV/V/VII

    Hi. Have anybody played with those two rubbers and can give some info? Personally I have Omega Pro IV on backhand and want to change it cause it go worn a bit and I damaged it already. Normally i would go for Pro V but this new vega x caught my eye and would be nice to see some advice on it...
  16. FS: XIOM Vega Euro (red, 2 mm) and Vega Asia (black, max) UNPACKED

    Hi, bought these rubbers at al a local retailer thinking to assemble my first bat. Little I knew that it will take quite some time until I will be able to play with any tensors. A guy at our small club had them on his OFF- blade and let me try them, so I didn't even unpack mine afterwards. Now...
  17. Under €40 but is it any good? | Xiom Vega X Review

    Hey guys, and we're back with another review! Here's our latest review of the new Vega X rubber by XIOM! Have you tried it yet?
  18. European / Japanese Rubber for spin-oriented play

    Dear table tennis enthusiasts, I started playing table tennis again only one and a half years ago, but am making great progress. Mostly, because I had been introduced to the proper techniques in a proper club when I played for 2 years as a child. I am (extremely) forehand dominant, play...
  19. Xiom Azxi and Vega Pro Rubbers Question

    Hi guys, just bought a new Xiom Azxi blade with 1.8mm Vega Pro rubbers and having a bit of difficulty adjusting with it. The new setup is great at blocking and counter hitting but lifting backspin is much harder as it seems to have a very low arc, almost a more flat flat tractory which I was...
  20. Omega V Asia vs. Vega Asia

    Hi, is there someone out there that can (and wants to) tell me the differences between these two rubbers? Sponge hardness, topsheet hardness, spin speed, control? Cheers Andi