1. Vietnam Table Tennis (HandMade)

    One of many my handmade ZLC blade:)
  2. [LHTT #53_Match in Vietnam] Match Against Hanoi Bro
  3. [LHTT #50_Match in Vietnam] Match Against Former AUS TT Coach
  4. [LHTT #47_Etc] Overview for TT Club in Haiphong, Vietnam
  5. [LHTT #46_Match in Vietnam] Doubles Match Against Haiphong Bros
  6. TT shops in Saigon, Vietnam

    Hey all, just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any tt shops in Saigon, Vietnam that sell genuine Mizuno wave drive 7 or 8 shoes (apart from dungbongban). I want a few options just in case a particular place doesn't have the size I need. Cheers,
  7. Amateur Table Tennis Activities in Vietnam

    Meanwhile, an amateur tourney just took place in Vietnam, having all best 12 amateur players in Ho Chi Minh city got together. This clip shows some emotional rallies of the Champion. As I know, he is teaching table tennis, doing many table tennis activities in his own clubs to inspire...
  8. Hello from Vietnam

    Hi all, I hope you're having a good start to the week! :) I will be in London (E1 6LT area) from the 20th Dec - 2nd Jan. I wonder if there is a local club or pub i can swing by to enjoy a few games. My rating is around 1650 - 1700. Combo Vis + FH H3 + BH T05. By the way, to whomever is...
  9. Club in Vietnam

    Hi guys, My friend is on a trip to Vietnam and would like to know of any TT clubs in the 'Ho Chi Minh City, District 1 (next to district 5) if possible? Be great if you can help me! :)