[LHTT #50_Match in Vietnam] Match Against Former AUS TT Coach

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Oct 2016
I watched only pretty fast so maybe im wrong about this, and maybe im wrong if i watch slow also haha

Nice game! You are playing pretty well i think!

But i do still think that it seems like you do not have so much of a playing style and maybe do not think much when you do serve and return? I can not know what you are thinking so it is difficult to claim the above.

Variation is good so maybe that was your thought. I think that you seem to be pretty good at attacking yourself and maybe not as good at blocking. But i feel that you are serving a lot of long, half long so he can loop and pushing some long so he can loop. If you are better at attacking, it would make much more sense to me that you serve short and push short as much as possible so you can loop first and get the advantage.

But i also think you play pretty fast atleast with the backhand so fast serves and long pushes maybe could work, but at the moment i noticed that when played the serve or return long it almost looked like you were surprised that you got a loop at you. If you serve and push long you need to be ready with a high racket and be ready to block since you know he proably will loop the ball, and then try to get the advantage so you can win the point. It is not good to push and serve long if you becomes the underdog in the point.

I think one of the secrets i have learned through the years, is that it is very important to have a playing style. We do not have the time and it is hard to become good at everything. We should try to choose how we want to play, or what we are naturally good at and try to practice that as much as possible so we can use it in the match. It is a waste of time to practice things that we do not need or use in a match. I try to learn to kill the ball with the backhand, but i never use it in a match so i think i need to chose to try to implement it in the match or stop practising it since i do not use it.
Then when we play the match we need to do everything, atleast serve and return with a purpose to get the balls we have been practicing at and know that we are good at. If we just play without any thought, it is just up to chance if we win and almost purely luck in my opinion. If we play like this we can beat players that are much more complete as a player then we are and better at almost everything, but if we almost only get to the balls so we can use the few strokes we are better at we will win the match. One example of this is the other club in our hall, their best team play a pretty high level. One player use long pimple and push and loop forehand. he have made it simple and almost only practice push with the long pimple and loop with the forehand so he can basically just do these two shots but since he practice it he is very good at it. He sometimes beat the others in the team because of this, he get the play he wants and what he is good at. That is pretty amazing since the other players technique is miles better than his, crazy much better and it looks way better still he wins.

I have talked alot now and i do not know if this make sense, but i think it does. I am not your coach and i think you practice with better coaches then me, so you do not need to listen to my advice if you do not want to. But I am very surprised if not any of your good coaches have talked to you about this before.

So i would like to ask you to write down on a paper answers to these questions:

How do i want to play in games and What are my strengths?
What are my weakness?
do i practice at these? what do i practice most at? strengths or weakness? should i develope my strengths more or work on the weakness? What exercises should i use to practice this?
what kind of play do i get in games? do i get to use my strengths?
how should i play in games to get to use my strengths? how to serve, return and the open game? The tactics.
Who do i want to play like? how do they do?

If you find question related to these that is worth answering it would be nice to hear them to. Then try to bring this paper with you when you practice and play games. Good luck!
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Jul 2018
Thanks, Lula. It's very good homework from you! Let me think and think it.

But Please check my updated match video. I'll show it without any edition. I believe that you can check my stretagy and tactics for the match.

I like to use "Long SV" as you mentioned,
and also less use for "Short and Push SV" due to my weakness of the spin.

Maybe you can check it for my updated match video. Anyway I'll update it on another channel, it would be #77 of LHTT. After that watching Please show me your opinion again.

Your opiniion is very helpful to me. Even if some suggesstion is not good to me, Even so I love to read your opinion on Net.

Thanks this again.