1. Danilo Faso European Under13 champion game style

    He is the current European under13 champion, n.2 under15 European rank, n.18 in the Italian rank. He has been playing table tennis since he was 4 years old. This year, at the age of 13, he already finished second in two national Italian youth tournaments under 21. In the first tournament, he...
  2. European Youth Top 10 Final - Amazing Match!

    Guys! I just watched the European Youth Top 10 final Its an incredible match between Felix Lebrun vs Iulian Chirita!! Note: Felix is only 14 years old and using pen hold grip!
  3. 2020 Europe Youth Top-10

    Evento info: Livestream: Day 1: Day 2: Day 3...
  4. Best Training center for youth girl in germany

    Hi Everybody, I have the daugther of my friend who played table tennis since 2 years and half. She is 13 and starts to play table tennis when she was 10. She wants to become a professional player. So my friend is looking for best training center or academia for constant training in germany for...
  5. European Youth Championships 2018

    Watch the European Junior Championships FINAL below: The European Youth Championships have commenced! The championships is held in Romania from the 15th-24th July with all the best junior players in Europe competing among one another in the team and singles competition. Photo by: Remy...
  6. 2018 Europe Youth Olympic Qualification

    2018 Youth Olympic Qualification Truls Moregard vs Cristian Pletea (Unbelivable Match!!!!)
  7. 2017 Europe Youth Top-10

    The 2017 Europe Youth Top-10 (8-10 Sep, 2017 - Worcester, ENG) Junior Boys: Cristian Pletea, Ioannis Sgouropoulos, Rares Sipos, Irvin Bertrand, Artur Abusev, Yang Xinyu, Tom Jarvis, Denis Ivonon, Tobias Hippler, Florian Cnudde. Junior Girls: Adina Diaconu, Ning Jing, Mariia Tailakova, Andreea...
  8. 2017 STAG European Youth Championships

    The 2017 European Youth Championships, 14-23 Jul 2017, Guimaraes, Portugal
  9. European Youth Championships 2016

    European Youth Championships 2016, 8-17 Jul 2016, Zagreb (CRO) Alexandre Cassin vs Andreas Levenko (JBS Final) Adina Diaconu vs Jing Ning (JGS Final)
  10. National Youth Championships from various countries

    Belarus Junior Final Aleksander Khanin Vs Uladzislau Rukliatsou Junior Semifinal Aleksander Khanin Vs Andrei Tsiarokhin Czech Republic Junior Semifinal Tomas Polanski Vs Jiri Martinko Junior Final Tomas Polanski Vs Patrik Klos Denmark Junior Final...
  11. Belgium Youth Open 2016

    Hi, I m @ the Belgium Youth Open 2016 this week. Program :
  12. China National Youth Games 2015

    20,Oct 2015: Wang Chuqin vs Wei Shihao (Final) 20,Oct 2015: Zhu Yuling vs Hu Limei (Final) [1080p]
  13. Best of European Youth TOP10 2015

    Best Of Cadet and Junior Boys Event
  14. Belgium | Youth Competitions 2015/2016

    In this topic, I will share youth competitions in Belgium for 2015-2016 ( criterium, National Championship ...). The event below brings together the best young Belgian. There are 6 divisions (girls and boys), broadcasted games will be those of Division 1. They compete in 4 phases, one every 2...
  15. Best Of European Youth Championships 2015

    Part 1 (Boys Team Event)
  16. 2015 Russian - Chinese Youth Games. TT Event.

    This year my home city hosted VI Russian-Chinese Youth Games. Table Tennis was from 13 to 15 of July. There were three team matches - girls and boys under 17. I could film only the first day of competitions. GIRLS Valeria Bagapova - He Zhou Jia Victoria Kandybina - Mu Jin Yui Victoria...
  17. European Youth Championships 2015

    European Youth Table Tennis Championships 2015, Bratislava, 10-19 July, Slowakia Live streaming Table 1: Table 2:
  18. International competitions open for youth to register in 2015/2016 in Europe or Asia?

    Hello, can someone that knows tell me if there are at the end of 2015 and in 2016 any competitions for teens in my age (13+) and for me of course can register to? Thanks and sorry about my bad english
  19. Polish Youth Open 2015

    Polish Youth Open 2015 31-05-2015 Cadet Final U15 World N.1 Cristian Pletea Vs U15 World N.2 Tomokazu Harimoto
  20. 2014 Europe Youth Top 10

    Hey everyone, The European Youth Top 10 has commenced and is live on Laola1TV. Table 1: Table 2: