1. Ti Long youtube channel

    I found this channel quite recently. Guy claims to be pro (and shows some very good skills) in very well executed (at least in my eyes, from technical perspective) videos. I am in no way affiliated with him, just wanted to share because I found it enjoyable and informative...
  2. Korean Youtube Lady Star Ggong-Yang Sandbags Big-Time in Wine Handicap Match

    Korean Youtuber Ggong-Yang makes her way to a TT themed wine grog place and is a HUGE sandbagger in the crappy bat TT match. She has a quick drink with owner, then a couple TT matches with old bats on crappy table. She gives up two points and doesn't need a single atacking shot or aggressive...
  3. Nexy Korea new youtube channel for blade and rubber design

    Hi everyone. Moon Ui Bae (Oscar) is in charge of Nexy Korea, he designs all the blades and has built Nexy into the top TT webstore in Korea. Oscar just got done chatting with me on FB, he says he will very soon go live with a Youtube Channel speciffically for the design of Blades and Rubbers...
  4. ITTF YouTube videos comment

    I wonder why in ittf matches video there are so many bots comment, I find it funny
  5. Live Streaming of TT Tournament on YOUTUBE - Technical Question

    Hy guys, I have been asked to do a live stream of a TT tournament taking place in my town, where there will be matches playing in parallel on 4 tables. I have been asked to stream the 4 matches in parallel on the Youtube Channel of the sports hall, so that viewers can choose if to watch Table...
  6. Streaming on youtube Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin play

    12th August 20:00-21:00 Fan Zhendong vs Yu Ziyang 21:00-22:00 Xu Xin vs Xu Chenhao (GMT+8)
  7. Streaming on Youtube Road to Tokyo 2020

    Road to Tokyo 2020: Chinese Table Tennis Team (1/2 mixed doubles) 9th August 20:00-22:00 1/2 mixed doubles (GMT+8) Xu Xin & Sun Yingsha Fan Zhendong & Chen Meng
  8. Streaming on Youtube

    Road to Tokyo 2020: Chinese Table Tennis Team
  9. Serve Trickshots !

    Hello Guys, I want to invite you to watch our second youtube episode. This time we used only serve trickshots, we hope you will like it. Comment down below, what we can do next. Also u can follow us on our social media, where we poste informations and other unpublished trickshots. ENJOY...
  10. Kings of the table Youtube Trickshot channel !

    Welcome guys, I just opened new youtube channel with my friends. We will be posting new video every week.You will be able to see not only trckshots but also match highlights, challenges and quizes. If you have any suggestion or ideas for next videos u can comment down below. Link to first...
  11. Tabletennis Channels on Youtube

    Hey fellow tt players! Its been some tough weeks for us in quarantine. In Switzerland they closed all the tt gyms, leagues are shut and tournaments canceled. I try to pass time by watching a lot of table tennis on YouTube maybe my lazy mirror neurons will pick up something. So here I am...
  12. Review Lion Trident | YouTube

  13. Top10 table tennis shoes | youtube

  14. Loki RXTON 1 3 5 | review YouTube

  15. Dhs Hurricane Long V W968 | YouTube review

    Match with Adrian Więcek (blade: Long V)
  16. Who produces the best youtube coaching videos

    I have recently spent a lot of time looking at youtube table tennis videos including many from coaches. I like yangyang TT videos which are well produced and of course Yangyang Jia is an attractive player. EmRatThich Table Tennis coach makes long and detailed videos so probably is the best for...
  17. Spinlord Wyvern | review YouTube

  18. Gewo Nexxus XT PRO 50 HARD | YouTube

  19. Gewo Nexxus EL PRO 53 HARD | YouTube

  20. Tibhar Evolution MX-P | YouTube