1. Inner Carbon (ALC, ZLC)

    Hi. Can you guys enlighten and provide information. on Inner layer carbon blades. I wanted to try a carbon blade but inner layer for now. What is the wood composition, carbon type and difference of these BTY blades and DHS Hurricane 301z 1. BTY Innerforce Layer ALC 2. BTY Innerforce Layer ZLC...
  2. LF: Butterfly Innerforce ZLC

    Looking for an older Butterfly Innerforce ZLC.
  3. Lin Jun-Yu Super ZLC, Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC and Franziska Innerforce ZLC!!!

    Just looked through Butterfly's website and accidently found some information on these fantastic blades. It seems like they haven't put them on their store yet... Enjoy! https://www.butterfly-global.com/en/products/detail/37131.html...
  4. ZJK super zlc with h3

    How would it play?
  5. Szlc vs zlc especially interforce/ (regular zlc also appreciated)

    Szlc vs zlc especially interforce/ (regular zlc comparison also appreciated) Well I have a itch that I can not cure EJ Disease that spread almost like Covid... While I am mostly an Stiga man curiosity got the best of me and I started looking into butterfly blades, specifically INTERFORCE ZLC...
  6. Butterfly Mizutani Zlc super info

    Hi everyone ,I would like some advice please. I recently purchased a Mizutani Zlc Super blade ,how do I go about finding out whether or not it is genuine? Look forward to your advice.
  7. Layers of following Blades Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC

    Hi, Do anybody know the Layers of following Blades: Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC Do any of this blades use Limba ?? Take Care! Ray
  8. Anyone got the Harimoto Super ZLC ?

    Hey guys, anyone got this blade and could give a short review ? Online reviews are pretty mixed up and the next butterfly store is kinda far away .. so I really gotta be sure before spending 240€ Thanks :)
  9. [Butterfly] Super ZLC ... Help :(

    Hey folks! I really cant decide between the new Harimoto super ZLC or the Mizutani or the Zhang Jike. I´ve tested the Mizutani once and I really noticed the improved sweet spot. Really liked this. They say the Harimoto is slower but offers more control. Im a strong attacking player in close /...
  10. Butterfly introduces Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC Blades

    http://www.butterfly-china.com/Home/Product_List?channelId=35 Butterfly introduces new Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and Lin Gaoyuan Super ZLC blades, as Zhang Jike starts to get pushed out from branding as as now retired player. I find this to be a strange decision as LGY's time as a CNT mainstay could be...
  11. Are ZLC blades even popular?

    Just curious about it. Because in all the years of playing table tennis I never met anyone of my friends or opponents that use it. My retailer says he only sold 2 of them in the last 3 years and 1 of those even was sent back. Even in the highest leagues here players don't seem to use it. And...
  12. All-wood, ALC, ZLF, or ZLC? Putting Ball Sense to the Test

    Yuuji: Ball sense? Let's put that to the test! All-wood, ALC, ZLF and ZLC. Takukichi: No-brainer! Arie: Easy as pie! Takukichi: Will you take part in this experiment? Yuuji: Of course! I'll shuffle them here. I can't tell what is what now. Let's get started! Takukichi: Weighs like...
  13. Difference between Timo bill ALC and Timo bill zlc

    I have both blade .I don't notice big difference in part of looping in speed. More speed in part of smarsh. I lost spin in use of zlc.but get more speed at smash. I can't decide what blade to use .please give me advices.is that normal less spin in zlc compare to ALC. Ok
  14. Fast zlc blade with slow rubber vs alc blade with fast rubber

    Which one is the best choice?
  15. Jun mizutani super zlc review.

    Me: USATT 2139 traditional attacker. Blade: jun mizutani super zlc FL 93.4g FH: t05 BH: D05 tl;dr It's very fast and powerful, i feel like this racket is for girls. Long version: Most jm szlc i read online is 90g + so i guess 93.4g is not consider on the heavy side for this particular...
  16. Question on harimoto super zlc

    What's the difference between that and jun/zjk super zlc? I am getting a hang of BTY stuff right now, they just rebrand their blade with XXX ${carbon} where XXX = the players name. So harimoto super zlc is zjk super zlc refresh?
  17. Mizutani super ZLC and Dignics 09C

    Do you think both could be a good match I'm used to the blade with Tenergy 05 on BH and FH I would like a bit of better control What's your opinion?
  18. FS: Butterfly Mizutani ZLC FL old version, Zhang Yining black tag

    For sale: 1. Butterfly Mizutani ZLC FL, old version, first letter I from 2008, head size: 150/157 mm, in good condition, 89g, few dings professionally repaired with Epoxy resins. Price: 190€ shipping included as registered letter to Europe, PayPal for family and friends. Pics...
  19. Apolonia ZLC

    Hey guys! Im thinking about switching my blade to Apolonia ZLC. Was wondering if anybody has played with it, and can give me a bit information? Like how does it compare to lets say Timo Boll Spirit and Baum Espirit?
  20. Harimoto tomokazu innerforce super zlc

    Get those wallets out and the CHO's ready..... Coming soon.......