5 ply blades - a few observations on my three..

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Nov 2022
I never found a description of the actual laminates so do not know if it is limba ,koto or whatever.
Considering that Sanwei shamelessly concedes that Fextra is " Clipper structure", I can equally shamelessly conclude that there is at least some ripoff going on.
But I am easy about it 😁
I am actually surprised you saying that the two outer layers are Limba. I only plaid a short time with my mates Fextra (can't remember what rubbers were on it) and felt it was as stiff as a brick.

My Fextra came in at 1290 Hz, which isn't too hard. There must be a good amount of variation between Fextras because mine feels pretty soft, not significantly stiffer than my Yasaka Sweden Extra.
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Sep 2022
I have a 84g Fextra7 and it's a wonderful blade, with great feel, speed, excellent handle and balance. Combination with 2 mm Rakza 10 is magical. For 20USD it's a steal. Of all blades I tried the feel is second to Acoustic only and maybe Stiga Azalea.
I have a 84 g Yasaka Sweden Extra - it's a great blade but it is indeed very unoffensive and much slower compared to Fextra.
I also have a 89g Violin/G1 which I don't really like because of its hardness. It's fun to hit the ball with, as G-1 is quite aggressive with a nasty kick, but I don't like this blade in matches.
And finally I have 3 Acoustics: a 79g Reg FL, a 84 g SG FL Special and a 90g LG FL. All with Rakza 7.
The light Reg FL is super controlled and very easy to play with, but not fast enough away from the table. The handle is annoyingly thin and it's head heavy with a heavy rubber like Rakza.
The 90g LG plays very differently, it's very fast, stable, there's less feel, but it's a bliss at mid/far distance. A powerfull weapon at my level. The handle is a bit too thick for me though, the balance is very good. Not as easy to manoeuvre close to the table against a fast opponent and you need to be careful not to overhit if your technique is not top notch.
95% of the time I'm playing with my 84g SG, which is somewhere in between FL and LG FL, has the best balance of these 3, enough power and great control as well. The handle feels a bit like Nittaku ST a bit, with the flare on the end.
Wow, that's really good news for us! Thank you for your approval of our products. 🥰