Are my rubbers okay?

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My blade is Stiga Optimum Sync and my
FH rubber is Butterfly Sriver G3 whilst my BH rubber is
DHS NEO TG2 Skyline 2. I was more
inclined in getting rubbr that would maximize my control
and spin. However I have yet to perfect my loop and get used
to this rubber. My drives and smashes are strong and I vary my
Returns to chops, pushes, and drives.

So I'm wondering if I'll be able
to get the most out
of my set-up or I just have to get used
to it because most of my drives go out. :/
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Mar 2011
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Don't change just yet, if I were you. It takes time. Get the technique right, and then if you feel it's too fast, then only you change. Don't waste your money buddy. Usually there is nothing wrong with the set up...just us :)

Agreed :) Your setup is excellent for learning.
It's the technique mostly, not the equipment.

However if I were you I will play the chinese rubber on the forehand and the jap rubber on the backhand :p
says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
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Sep 2011
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If you are an offensive player who like to loopdrive or drive on FH and spin the ball and drive on BH, that is not a bad setup to use. Already said by member, it is important to use the suitable equipment you chose and stay with it in training. If the equipment is appropriate for your desired style of play and you are comfortable with it, train away and see how it goes.