Falck Mattias (Sweden)

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Feb 2019

Falck Mattias (until 2019 Mattias Karlsson, Swedish Mattias Falck; born September 7, 1991, Karlskrona) is a Swedish athlete, player of the Swedish table tennis team. Participant of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio da Janeiro and 2020 in Tokyo, reached the quarterfinals in both tournaments in the team category. World champion in 2021 in men's doubles, finalist in 2019 in men's singles and bronze medalist in 2018 in team events. Champion in 2022 in men's doubles and multiple winner of the European Table Tennis Championships. Bronze medalist of the World Tour Grand Finals-2013 in the men's team category. Bronze medalist Europe Top-16 in 2021 in singles. Silver medalist of the European Games-2019 in the team category.

Biography of current world and European title holder in men's doubles
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