FS: Lots of blades (30+) and rubbers (lost count...) US only

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Jan 2019
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Any chance i could get you to ship outside of the US? to New Zealand maybe?
I'd pay for shipping as long as the cost isn't too extravagant
I don't think it would be a good value to ship there, there was once someone from Canada bought one, and the shipping was $35 if I remember correctly.

Hi, is the original post up to date?
Yes it is.
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Jan 2019
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I'm curious what your thoughts are on the HL 5 Golden? That blade has been the one I have been eyeing in your list.
I didn’t play with it , it was just something I thought would be good to try but never had the time to try since I found other stuff to play with .
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Sep 2022
Hi Duke,

I am looking for a inner alc blade. How would you compare Andro VCI or Yasaka Atletico Power with Hurrican Long5/5x?
Btw, how is the pro version of Atletico power differ from the regular version?
Thank you.
Lowering price for all blades, everything below $100 gets $10 off, between $101-$150 gets $15 off, between $151-$200 gets $20 off, and so on...

All blades in the list below are for sale, all prices are negotiable.
I won't post individual pictures of the blades in the collection photo, since there are way too many of them, please DM for pictures of individual blades.

There are also a collection of used rubbers for sale, Tenergy and Dignics are $10/each, all other rubbers are $5/each, $10 for shipping rubbers.

Link to weights of all the blades with pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r13c-c0c4V1CZ4D7mJwixeiAVJBJq_u0

List of blades, all blades are FL handled, prices include USPS shipping (newly listed blades are marked in blue, sold blades are marked in red):
  • Andro Synteliac VCI OFF $120 $105
  • Andro TP_Ligna CI Off $105 $90 [x2]
  • Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC $300 $270
  • Darker Cegna $90 $80
  • Joola Nobilis PBO-C $140 $125
  • Joola Tezzo Warrior $70 $60 [x2]
  • Joola Vyzaryz Freeze HRD $155 $135
  • Joola Vyzaryz Trinity $195 $175
  • Nittaku Ludeack Power $85 [x3] $75
  • Nittaku Ludeack Power Pro $140 $125 [x2]
  • Nittaku Nordlinger DY $90 $80
  • Nittaku Septear Feel Inner $80 $70
  • Nittaku S-7 $75 $65
  • Nittaku S-Series S-CZ $75 $65
  • PPW EVEN (10 layer wood + 9 layer soft carbon, made by SANWEI) $90 $80
  • PPW Fantasy World (5 layer wood + 2 inner layer PLC, made by YinHe) $120 $105
  • PPW Legend (Rosewood Carbon) $65 $55
  • Stiga Centric Carbon $140 $125
  • Stiga Cybershape $175 $155
  • Stiga Nostalgic VII $80 $70
  • Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC $110 $95
  • Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid ZC $140 $125
  • TSP SWAT Speed $65 $55
  • Victas Koki Niwa $100 $90 [x2]
  • Victas Fire Fall VC $65 $55 [x2]
  • Victas ZX-GEAR IN $90 $80
  • Xiom Hugo Calderano SAL $140 $125 [x2]
  • Yasaka Atletico Power $70 $60
  • Yasaka Atletico Power Pro $130 $115
  • Butterfly Apolonia ZLC (slight damage to the edge) $100 [sold]
  • Butterfly Franziska Innerforce ZLC $180 (one slight damage to edge) [sold]
  • Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC $140 [sold]
  • Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC $120 [sold]
  • Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC.S $110 (one slight damage to edge)
  • Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC $180 [sold]
  • Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC $140 [sold]
  • Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC (slight damage to edge) $120 [sold]
  • Butterfly Revoldia CNF $270 [sold]
  • Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC $190 [sold]
  • Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC $140 [sold]
  • Darker Inpegno $110 [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane Long 5 $110 [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane Long 5X $110 [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane Long 5 Golden $165 [sold]
  • Nittaku Acoustic $120 [sold]
  • Nittaku Acoustic (SG Handle) $120 [sold]
  • Nittaku Basaltec Inner $190 [sold]
  • Nittaku Mima Ito Carbon (includes G1 and Moristo SP rubbers) $140 [sold]
  • Nittaku Violin $120 [sold]
  • Nittaku Tenaly Acoustic Carbon Inner $120 [sold]
  • PPW Odin (7 layer wood, made by SANWEI) $45 [sold]
  • Stiga Carbonado 145 $145 [sold]
  • SWORD REMIX (Rosewood - E-JLC - Ayous - Kiri and Ayous - E-JLC - Ayous - Ebony, yes this blade use both Kiri and Ayous as its core) $50 [sold]
  • TSP SWAT Power $65 [sold]
  • TSP SWAT Speed (slight damage to the edge) $45 [sold]
  • Victas SWAT Power $65 [sold]
  • Xiom Ice Cream AZX $110 [sold]
  • Xiom Ice Cream AZXi $130 [sold]
  • Yasaka Atletico Power $60 [sold]

List of used rubbers:
  • 729 Dragon F Pro (Mid-Soft Red) x1
  • Victas VO>102 (Max Black) x1
  • Victas Triple Double Extra (2.0mm Red) x2
  • 729 Friendship Battle II PPW Provincial (40° 2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • 729 Friendship Battle II Provincial (40° 2.15mm Black) [sold]
  • Andro Hexer Powergrip (2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • Andro Hexer Grip (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Andro Rasanter R45 (2.0mm Green) [sold]
  • Andro Rasanter R47 (Ultramax Black) [sold]
  • Andro Rasanter C53 (Ultramax Black) [sold]
  • Andro Rasanter R53 (Ultramax Black) [sold]
  • Butterfly Dignics 05 (2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • Butterfly Dignics 05 (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Butterfly Dignics 80 (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Butterfly Dignics 09c (2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • Butterfly Tenergy 05 (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Butterfly Tenergy 19 (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Butterfly Tenergy 64 (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Butterfly Tenergy 80 (2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Gold Arc 5 (42.5° Max Red) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge National (39° 2.2mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial (37° 2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial (39° 2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial (39° 2.15mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Blue Sponge National(39° 2.15mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Blue Sponge Provincial (39° 2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Blue Sponge Provincial (39° 2.15mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Blue Sponge Provincial (40° 2.15mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 8 (Mid-Hard 2.2mm Black) [sold]
  • DHS Hurricane 8-80 (37° 2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Donic BlueGrip S1 (2.0mm Red) [sold]
  • Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 48 Super Select (2.0mm Green) [sold]
  • Joola Dynaryz ACC (2.0mm Purple) [sold]
  • Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (Super Thick Red) [sold]
  • Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue (Super Thick Black) [sold]
  • Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange (Super Thick Red) [sold]
  • Stiga DNA Platinum M (2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Stiga DNA Pro (Hard 2.1mm Black) [sold]
  • Stiga DNA Pro (Hard 2.1mm Red) [sold]
  • Tibhar Evolution EL-D (2.0mm Red) [sold]
  • Tibhar Evolution EL-P (2.0mm Red) [sold]
  • Tibhar Evolution EL-S (2.0mm Red) [sold]
  • Tibhar Evolution MX-D (2.2mm Black) [sold]
  • Tibhar Hybrid K1 Plus (Max Black) [sold]
  • Tibhar Hybrid K1 Pro (Max Black) [sold]
  • Tibhar Hybrid K2 (Max Black) [sold]
  • TSP Super Ventus (Max Red) [sold]
  • TSP Ventus Speed (Max Red) [sold]
  • Victas Spectol S3 (2.0 Red) [sold]
  • Victas Spinpips D2 (2.0 Red) [sold]
  • Victas Triple Double Extra (Max Black) [sold]
  • Victas Triple Extra (2.0mm Red) [sold]
  • Victas Triple Regular (Max Red) [sold]
  • Victas VJC>07 Sticky Extra (Max Black) [sold]
  • Victas VJC>07 Stiff (Max Red) [sold]
  • XIOM Omega VII Tour (Max Black) [sold]
  • XIOM Vega Asia (Max Red) [sold]
  • XIOM Vega Asia DF (Max Red) [sold]
  • XIOM Vega China (Max Black) [sold]
  • Yasaka Rakza 7 (Thick Red) [sold]
  • Yasaka Rakza X Soft (Thick Red) [sold]



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That's my man (y) 👏 👏 (from a fellow mad EJ)
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Hey man, what kind of rubbers do you like to EJ? What have you been testing?

I see you're using Bloom Power, that is one of my favorite rubbers as well.
Hey - I've presently tuned down the EJ craze, but as you guessed, I love Chinese rubbers (no non-Chinese rubbers for FH except one).

For BH I use non-Chinese rubbers but am looking for a good Chinese rubber - the main ones in rotation are

  1. Dignics 05 (best)
  2. MX-P
  3. Fastarc G1
  4. DHS Goldarc eight

For FH - main ones in rotation are
  1. 729 Friendship Bloom Power (the best rubber by far for me in terms of penetrating power (power = spin + speed) for monstrous loops with blazing kick)
  2. 729 Battle II Provincial Blue Sponge (much faster, stickier then H3 - slower than Bloom Power - a great rubber for destroying the opponent through power loops)
  3. DHS Goldarc eight (the only non-Chinese that I use on FH - great balance of control and power)
  4. Hurricane 3, 41 degree sponge (not the Neo) - only my last choice - I would not play below 41 degrees as they are just mush. Even at 41 degrees hardness, the Hurricane rubbers available outside of the domestic Chinese market (i.e. the ones available outside of China to the rest of the world) are too slow and powerless (even the ones from tabletennis11.com). Apparently a Hurricane 3 National bought directly from DHS stores in the Chinese mainland is totally different from the ones available on online stores to the rest of the world outside China.

Have tried about 70% from this list but always return to the main ones listed above for FH
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Jan 2019
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whats the weight of the yasaka athletico power and how much is shipping to Germany (if you are willing to ship it)?


I don't think it's worth it to ship over there, probably gonna cost more than the blade itself. And it's already sold btw, the PRO version is still available though.