FS: Xiom Ice Cream AZX plus rubbers

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1) SOLD: Nittaku Tenaly Carbon table tennis blade fitted with Nittaku Fast Arc G1 max thickness rubbers and battle 2 rubbers (see below)

REDUCED: £100 £85 + £5.00 (UK postage)

Blade was purchased 3 weeks ago from new and has been used from approx. 2 hrs.

Fast arc G1 rubbers only approx. 2 weeks old.

Also included are:

729 Battle 2 Rubbers red and black (2.1mm, 47°)

These were fitted to this blade and have been used for approx. 2 hrs and are practically new. They are being sold with the blade as the blade has a specific sized head and they have been cut specifically to it; they may not fit a regular blade well.

The special shape of the handle opens up the backhand and is said to provide a more comfortable grip.

I found the grip to be very comfortable, especially for backhand play and producing extra spin on tomahawk serves.

The reason for sale is that I am used to a allwood blade and prefer the feeling of wood.

I would categorise the blade as off- speed. Some retailers market it as off+ which I believe is inaccurate.

This has the typically very good Nittaku craftsmanship and comes complete with original box.

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2) SOLD: Yakama Ma Lin Extra Offensive Blade straight hanlde with brand new Donic Baracuda red and black max
£75 + £5.00 postage (UK buyers)

Complete bat used for approximately 10 minutes and bought from new.

Purchased to try out but decided that the bat I am using suits me well.

Includes yasaka blade plastic box and original rubber cardboard packs.

This would be perfect for a league player

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3) SOLD: Nittaku Violin table tennis blade straight handle

£80 + £5.00 postage (in UK)

Only around 3 months and in very good condition as shown in photos.

Comes with original box. Box has slight dent as shown in photos.

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