Modern Chopper from Chinese Taipei

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Sep 2013
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Chen Chia-I, a modern defender from Chinese Taipei, playing her 1st WTT Youth Event of 2023 (2nd event of her career).
Chen takes the U17 Girls titles in WTT Youth Contender Asuncion 2023 without dropping a game.

Here we can witness a 55 minutes U19 Girls Final exciting match against seasoned international, and sister of super star - Bruna Takahashi, Brazilian junior champion, Giulia Takahashi.

Note: Chen Chia-I can communicate in English, assisted to get Cassel to the World Championships and donates rubbers/blades to Africa.


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Jan 2023
I just feel like she is much more stable on her backhand chops closer to the table. Many times, Giula proved that she wouldn't fall to spinny chops and just whacks em. Chen continues to chop really spinny.. and really high forhand chops to Giula, so she keeps losing points. Maybe she could parry and add more topspin so the ball kicks? In hong kong, we talk about variety, in both chopping style and serves, to trouble the opponent when they choose their counter-strategies, this is and area opf improvemnt for chen.