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Mar 2024
Hi all!

If you have and wish to sell (sale) old rare Butterfly blade or paddle and ready to sale, i would like to buy one, two, ten or hundred pieces!)
I'm table tennis blade collector, so i'm interested in all 1st and 2nd gen, unique Tomasu Tokyo vintage ping pong blades.

My requirements - NEW in original box, FL only. Sometimes possible without box or ST, but only NEW (never used).

I'm looking for Viscaria 1 and 2 gen, but also all Butterfly old but new table tennis blades - Allure, Chuan Chih Yuan limited, Moonbeam, Garaydia ALC & ZLC, Joo Se Hyuk, Kazan 1st gen, Klampar Carbon Tamca 5000 ST, Matsushita PRO special, Photino, Power Drive 2nd and 3rd gen, Pulser, Power-7 and Power-9, Legout, Sardius 1st gen, Scorna 1st and 2nd gen, Tamaropa, Ayazo Umemura, Appelgren, Ardes, Batorfi, Blaszcyk, Borzsey, Coleus, Defahre, Desmond Douglas Pro, Ethel Tamca 5000, Exalter, Grandis, Hermoso, Kenny style, Kiso Hinoki, Kreanga Aeros, Madash, Manarsa, Mitamura, Oberon, Perdir, Panic, Powersmash, Phalanx, Pohoralek, Polite, Quetzal Tamca 5000, Ranato, Repiaredo, Retreiver, Setaru, Spinshot, Spinart, Tempest and many ohers!

PM please.

P.S. Rare and unique blades by Stiga, Donic, Banda, TSP, Darker also welcome. Brand new in box))