Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon

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Jan 2023
Ok so we saw Stiga Inspira and Stiga Wang Manyu Inspira. What is this??? Apparently a bit like Xiom's Tmx, like a synergy of two different materials. I'm sorry, I don't know my woods by sight that well, on the manufacturors picture, each wood veneer was labeled as "carefully selected outer veneer, carefully selected core..." What is going on? I found Victor Moraga's recent reviews on it, western overseas shops such as bribar are selling it for 170pounds-180pounds. In hkd it is only 140-150 pounds for us.


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How is this blade compared to Timo boll Alc? I play short pips on BH.
I have played with both Inspira Hybrid Carbon and Timo Boll Spirit (kind of same as TB ALC). Not with same rubbers though, so the comparison is not perfect. My feeling though, is that Inspira Hybrid Carbon is firmer/stable but has a bit more dwell than TB Spirit. Similar speed. I prefer the Inspira.

The odd thing is that I compared the Inspira Hybrid Carbon with the Cybershape Carbon (this time with same rubbers) and I found the Inspira having more feeling and dwell than the Cybershape Carbon, even though the Cybershape has an inner fiber setup. I guess the Hybrid Carbon is softer than both the Carbon used in the Cybershape, but also softer than the ALC.
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Jul 2014
Oh wow, this doesn't have the handmade in Sweden badge at the end of the handle.
That's a bit crazy that Stiga outsources blade production.

So this blade is probably very close if not the same as Andro Synteliac VCO.
It is a bit strange to see nowadays, but if memory serves correct, pre-1993 Stiga blades were not originally made inhouse of Stiga factory but by Woodhouse AB who mainly manufactures for Yasaka and Donic. Stiga has also had a few blades made in China such as V1 carbon, S-series and Active, but for such a high-end and range topping blade to be outsourced by Stiga is definitely telling of the quality of these Korean-manufactured blades, quite a few brands are outsourcing for them.
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